Wednesday, September 17, 2008

KL Sentral

Do you think this owner of the car is wrong?

Obviously wrong. Well the car owner is me! that time was about 7pm at KL Sentral arrival gate. When I arrive at the arrival gate there are full of cars/ vans/ 4x4/ taxis/ limos going round and round the pick up point. There's not enough parking space for limos and taxis and not a single point for pick up. If yes only the zebra crossing or someone place a cone to reserve for something. So I join in the pick up convoy round and round the area with others like playing eagle catching the chics. Everyone is the hen - can be the chics or the eagle. Round and round and round and finally I saw a car came out from a empty spot and have no choice but to stop and park in front of the spot with car towing sign else i will be burning more unecessary fuel. Of cuz I did not get any saman as I was waiting there.

If anyone see the photo only im sure they will said its wrong but sometimes also have to look and listen to the situation. It all depend on the situation where you must make a decision.

I also tried to understand the situation, maybe some flights are delay and make their family, friends etc been waiting there.

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