Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nikon D300S

finally its here and official announced to the public - nothing fantastic for me! Read more about it here and here

"Omax wide lens"

To highlight the benefit of Omax wide lens Publicis India created this print campaign.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


It took me so long to look for this SRAM wheel jockey and most bike shops dont carry them - not even popular bike shops in Klang Valey but I got it from TBFOOKSANG. According to some source said that SRAM jockey will not last long. I quote:-

"Love the X.9 for it's shifting but myself and many others are getting a wee bit annoyed at how frequently the bearings in the lower jockey disintegrate. Replacing jockey wheels twice a year at this price make me think it's time to go back to XT set up."

"SRAM jockey wheels wear absurdly quickly since they are open bearings. instead of just getting more, replace the actual bearings. NB the lower one has bearings, the top is just a bush. just lube it up. get the following: 6801-2RS bearings. they fit perfectly in to the jockey wheel, and will last a lot longer. They cost about 2 quid each. "

"I am now on my second set of these. I managed to buy a sealed bearing race for the lower wheel from a bearing supplier for a fiver! why so much money for 2 injection moulded pieces of plastic and a couple of pressings????? Shimano on next bike I think."

I must look for the jockey that fits the SRAM X.9. Other model like X.7 will not fit on X.9 RD, not even the KCNC. I also realise SRAM item like RD, FD are hard to find in Malaysia, especially when you need it that time.

okok enuf about bicycling thing now. Been thinking about bikes too much because of PCC Nexus Prez 2009 65km ride on 16th August.

Next weekday im talking 2 days off to Cameron Highland and might be staying at Old Yolk Smoke House or Bala Guest House and gonna takes plenty of photos - after all this is my photography trip - plus relax and taking a break away from office.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kenny's Bicycle Weight Wennies

using a tube as chainstay protector vs. Lizard skin

Salsa Liplock claimed weight is 34g where Mortop QR seatpost clamp is 19g.Both size are 31.8

(left) carbon headset spacer is 9g @ RM10/ USD3, (right) kcnc is 5g but you need 2 pcs equal to the thickness of the carbon @ RM13 each/ USD 4.

DT Swiss alloy nipples 32pcs weight at 10g
Alligator Wind Cutter Rotor
Shimano XTR cassette

XT crank 853g/ FSA K-Force Carbon 730g = 123g

Hope Skewer 100g*/ KCNC Ti Skewer 46g* (samy RM150) = 54g (done)

Crank Brother Egg Beater SL 266g* / Crank Brother Egg Beater 4 Ti 167g =99g (coming 26/10/09)

Shimano XTR cassette (HH RM550) 224g*/ Shimano XT cassette 299gv (HH RM200) SRAM PG990 (SAMY RM230) 304g*

Hope Floating disc 6" 93g*. Ashima 6” Rotor 84g/ Avid 6" G2 Clean Sweep 104g = 20g per piece x2 = 40g

No tubes ZTR 374g/ Mavic X317/ X717 400g* = 26g x2 = 52g

Shimano XT HG93 304g/ KMC X9SL 255g = 49g/ SLX HG-73-304g/ XTR CN-7701 304g RM105 (samy), Campag Record 10speed chain cut to fit current setting 245g* RM200 (BP)

XT SHADOW RD 228g/ XTR RD M970 198g = 30g

KCNC Flyride 80mm 25.4mm 5' 108g RM210/ Thomson 25.4mm 70mm 0' SM-E126 164g

Thomson Elite Seatpost 31.6mm 410mm (samy RM280) 247g*/ Token TK9191 RM280 31.6mm 350mm 170g/ KCNC Ti Pro Lite (samy RM190) 31.6mm 350g 165g* = 82g (done) and read more review about it here