Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Parcel from Ward Industries - 2nd Nov updated!

finally I received my item from United the State yesterday 28th October. Been waiting for it for 2 weeks and finally arrived using normal post. Phew! Will be going to fix it this coming Saturday for this coming Sunday Hash!

2/11- cant fix it yet. Waiting for Crank Brothers rebuilt kit order from UK!

Total amount with shipping using PayPal

At the moment please read my previous post here about Ward Industries Ti Spindle or see here for how to service the egg beater

actual weight of the Ti spindle

Thursday, October 22, 2009


This year itself I have already burst 9 pcs bicycle tubes. The other news is banning of Condom!

Zulkifli Noordin - Ahli Parlimen Kulim Bandar Baharu. Read more here.

What an idiot! He tried to promote STD and HIV? People use condom is also for family planning.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yesterday I bought these Cokin filter set and it cost me RM231 for 2 pcs adapter ring (67mm and 77mm) and H250A P-series ND Grad Kit that consist of Gradual ND2, 4 and 8 plus the filter holder. You can click here to see how these filters work.

Last few posts are all about bicycle and bicycle and more bicycle. This coming December 12th i'm planning to bring my students to Broga and at the same time will be testing these filters. Also planning to go UluLangat and Bukit Tabur. Its been quite sometime never go out for shooting and more reason after purchase these filters I have to utalise it. This weekend will also be shooting at Ampang Old Folks home/ temple - Nine Emperor Gods Festival.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trip to KLCC by public bus!

Last Saturday instead of driving down to KL I took a public bus down to KLCC to buy a shoe.

I have not been taking public transport, bus since I was primary, about 25 years ago and back in those days I only paid about 80 cent. Well cant compare nowlah. Air-cond bus with tv screen. Not much of place to sit but very roomy now. Oh its a rapidKL bus. Immediately get into the bus we have to pay for the ride to the driver. I brought along my touch n go card assuming can use but cannot. The ride cost RM2.50 and I only have RM5 (smallest note) that I have. Ok next time I have to make sure I will have the exact change. The bus driver only move after he issue the ticket to everyone. We are suppost to come in from the front door and get out from the middle door.

Really enjoy my trip down to KL till accidently bump into an old friend. We chat for a while and he asked me still driving the oldcar ("jing cha kan lei ker kao cheh") and I said yes. He asked me im I planning to change ("Kei si woon cheh") and I said no and no point. Maybe he tried to tell me he bought a new but I don't border to ask him back. The point is whats wrong with my current car? only 4 years old and thats nothing wrong with it at all. What is his point?

Ok lets come back to the whole objective of this trip. I finally bought the shoe that I been eyeing for few years and 40% off.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CD, VCD and DVD... .WMV

Real life experience!

Client – yes i need you to edit out the unwanted scene and commercial from few videos that I have and im going to play this video on my outlet. Its a 30 min thing.

Videoman – can do it and what is the format you want?

Client – format?!?! I got some cds with me?

Videoman – what I mean is after I edited the video do you want it in VCD or DVD?

Client – just give me the cd

Videoman – er.. let me explain again. Where are you going to view the movie after I edited it?

Client – on computer

Videoman – im sure that your outlet computers can read VCD or DVD but do your outlet have a DVD-ROM?

Client – my outlet computer’s comes with cd-player!

Videoman - !?!?! have you try to play any VCD or DVD video on your outlet before?

Client – yes both VCD and DVD also can view.

Videoman – ok good. So do you prefer VCD or DVD?

Client – which one better?

Videoman – depend on your source that you are going to give me. So the source is VCD or DVD?

Client – its s CD!!!

Videoman – ?!!??! have you view those cd’s that you have before on a player before? Is it VCD or DVD?

Client – yes i did and they are my promo videos!

Videoman – ok! So after I edited it you want me to burn as VCD or DVD?

Client – which one better?

Videoman – depend on your original source and which player or can your computer can read dvd? If your computer can read DVD it should be able to play VCD and DVD quality is much better!

Client- ok I want DVD! I prefer WMV file so that my other outlet with slower computer can read!

Videoman - ?!?! oh you want DVD-DATA lah?

Client – no WMV !

Videoman – I can convert and burn into DVD-VIDEO or DVD-DATA file so which one you prefer? (I said about DVD-VIDEO since he said his outlet can play DVD-VIDEO)

Client – which one clearer?

Videoman – if you want WMV file mean I give you a DVD-DATA disc. (don't border to explain about CD-R since the client video is only 30mins that can fit into a CD-R with WMV file format)

Client – ok. When can you come over and collect the CD?

after collecting the CD realize its a CD-R/ CD-DATA and the source inside is WMV.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"sendiri mari"

The story below is real during my secondary school - form 4 or 5.

Friend A talk to friend B during secondary school. Friend A ask friend B "got GF already or not" and friend B said dont have yet. Friend A said to B "wah so big boy still sendiri mari ah"? !!! friend B is pissed!!!

Few years later Friend B saw friend A and both of them got already got GF. Friend B approach friend A and say "wah u dont want to sendiri mari also need to get a better looking girl to help you mah".

got it?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Expensive hobbies/ sports

what is your hobbies? is cycling consider a hobbies and at the same time a sport? what is the cheapest sport? jogging? snooker? or basketball? More write up coming soon!

bicycle pulley. Left is used and right is a brand new.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ward Industries Ti Spindles

Short Ti Spindles that fit Crank Brothers Egg Beater Pedals are pictured next to one of our standard length spindles.

Just placed an order of 1 pair of Ti standard size spindles for my Crank Brothers Egg Beaters SL. GONE INSANE!!! The current CB SL pedal weight is 268g. Ward Industries Ti Spindles comes with 3 sizes :-

1) extra short spindles 88mm weight unknown
2) short spindles 91.58mm 31.55g each side
3) standard spindles 95.85mm 33.52g each side

length of the spindles will affect the Q-factor of your ride.

Standard Crank Brothers spindles will weight about @ 95.85mm 68g each side. To reduce the weight you can also purchase the CB Ti short Spindles gold here.

More about Ward Industries Ti

SpindlesCro-Moly Alloy Steel Has been the most tried and true material used in the MTB industry.But it is vunerable to corrosion and is heavy. Most Cycle Riders are on a constant quest for methods to lighten & strengthen there Cycles.

Did you know that the USAF Developed a Next Generation Cro-Moly Alloy Titanium for the F-22 Raptor Program? This material is Ti-6Q2 (Ti-62222s) This material is stronger & tougher than the traditionally used Ti 6al-4v.Yet Ti-6Q2 shares all of the corrosion resistant & weight characteristics as 6al-4v. We have acquired many tons of this special Cro-Moly Ti Alloy. We are the only stocking aftermarket dealer of this material in the world.

To promote the use of this alloy in the commercial sector we began manufacturing replacement spindles for many OEM Pedal Manufacturers such as Shimano, Speedplay, Crank Brothers & DMR. Our products are not manufactured or approved by these OEM's nor is our high strength Titanium Alloy approved by them.

The reliance for our strength claims come from a very reliable source the "United States Air Force".Please take advantage of the millions of dollars of taxpayer funded R&D and apply it to your Cycle pedals through our products.

To find more about info and forum please visit here

* Ward Industries are not associated with Crank Brothers and our spindles and the materials they are made from are not approved by them.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Replacing bolts to Ti

see for yourself. RM10 per piece.

standard bolt

(left) Ti M6 bolt (right) normal steel bolt. Closest length I can get in fact the normal steel bolt is taken out from Thomson Stem to compare.

actual weight of KCNC Fly Ride 90mm oversize stem with normal bolt. Imagine the amount of weight reduce after replacing with Ti bolt. RM60 for this KCNC stem.

or you can buy a superlite stem from FSA OS99 90mm oversize with 6 Ti bolt for RM280.

6th October - Anyway already placed an order for KCNC 25.4 80mm. Let's see whats the weight for it! Been looking for this stem too but available here.

11th October my regular bike shop told me the supplier do not bring in standard size so I have no choice (to reduce further weight) but to replaced my current Thomson bolt to Ti. Total 6 pcs.

the standard size 25.4mm is not standard anymore.