Friday, February 27, 2009


Photo was taken at Reranang - located about 6km south of Semenyih town
GPS (N2 54.655 E101 51.174)

more photos coming from this weekend ride, cant wait for this coming weekend ride plus yummie food from Janda Baik.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The death of a catapillar is actually the birth of a butterfly

This section of my blog is specially dedicated to my grandma

My grandma has departed peacefully in her sleep 19th Feb 2009.

this photo was taken at my grandma house on Friday evening.

Thursday about 2pm while having lunch with Mr. Levis I received a call from my mum (usually she will sms me if anything) and I already know grandma is not in good condition at Columbus Hopsital Seremban. My mum ask me to rush back to see my grandma for the last time. Immediately I took Emergency off but on the way back received sms again from my mum that grandma already passed away about 2.34pm.

I asked my mum do I will have to go back since I still have evening classes and Friday meeting and she said yes. In my head I was thinking what am I going to do there or what can I do since all my uncles and aunties still around?!?

I was wrong when I reached the hospital. Most of my uncles and aunties was not around. I was ask the drive to some malls the get some white t-shirts. My dad suppose to go with my eldest cousin to pick a coffin but when I reached back grandma's house nothing has been done yet and I was asked to go with my father plus one of my auntie to choose a coffin!

Again I was ask the choose a coffin for my grandma. I choose the nicer one among the others and the price is RMXXXX,XX (3k more than the normal one). My auntie is ok with it but my dad said "don't need to buy so expensive one"!!! He said is not about how expensive is the coffin or how grand we want to make the funeral but he said peoples should go back to visit their parent more often before they leave us and even they died we should visit them at leave once a year to wash and clean the tomb plus put fresh flowers. That's what all parent wants.
After my grandfather died grandma was alone and was able to walk, talk for few year and slowly her body start to weaken and spend about 8 years plus lying on the bed. My aunties took care of her until she died peacefully. My dad the wise one said we should be happy that grandma died peacefully but grandma wish is all her childrens and grand childrens should unite!

I am proud of my grandma that she can survive alone without my grandpa for so many years and I dont think I can do it for 15 years especially the first few years. (will cont.) ...

One Big family - this photo is the full family for 3 generation! all came back for grandma's funeral. The last full gathering was 15 years ago and that was during grandpa's funeral. Big complicated family!

speech by Eddie, the eldest among the cousin

Saturday morning

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thank you Silvia or Selvia the Ah Moi

yummie! These cakes are brought from Selvia - she carried all the way from Indonesia - Medan. There are two types - the layer cake and the other one i dunno what they call it and thats my fav. Its nicer if you heat up the cake using a toaster, meaning you have to slice the cake ngam ngam to go into your toaster! EAT IT WHILE ITS HOT!

Thanks Selvia!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sepang - Bagan Lalang, Sepang Gold Cost - location scout!

arrived by scooter! :)

actually a boat house

sea sick friend can rent a smaller boat.

some jeti shot

information enough to tell what you can do at the jeti or hire a boat!

one of the most famous restaurant here. Anyway there's only two at Bagan Lalang - Sepang - 30 mins drive from Sepang F1 circuit. Got website here! Map also available! For more restaurant you need to travel another 20 mins to Sungai Pelek for chinese restaurant! From Sungai Pelek to Morib beach another 30 mins drive. And from Morib to FGS another 45mins drive.

some menu. Pick your fishes here, kerang etc and they willl cook here!

click to enlarge or visit H.M Sri Bagan website for their menu

11am already low tide. Else can pay RM3 for this spot for fishing!

The floating toilet! maybe high tide you can float and reach the 2nd level of the toilet - male!

"sai ham yue" - salted fish - i think. Here you can buy freshly catch at reasonable price but main thing is fresh! Bring a container if you wanna buy some home! From KL to here about 1 hrs drive!

a kedai runcit

nice spot to relax


drivers and parkers please do not park your car under this kind of shade!

plenty of accomodation - Sri Malaysia also got here!

have to pay one!

entrance to Sepang GoldCost - come here if you wanna buy a floating house or your wedding photos. Click here to see more of Sepang GoldCost - the inside

Monday, February 2, 2009

History of Sungai Buloh with photos

CNY break for 1 week and took a trip to Sungai Buloh. Well before you look at the photos please read below about the history of this place. I did not takes any photos of the leprosy patients which is now a gadener/ farmer! Just a respect!

SEVENTY-eight years ago, in an isolated valley of Bukit Lagong, Sungai Buloh, Selangor, a group of Malays, Chinese, Indians and Eurasians set up a contained community in the wake of the 1926 Leper Enactment Act, which required the segregation and treatment of those with the disease.

From the time it was built in 1930, Sungai Buloh was one of the biggest leprosy settlements in the-then British Empire, and the second biggest in the world. It was equipped with advanced facilities and planned following the principals of a garden city. It was a pioneer project based on the "enlightened policy" of segregating leprosy patients in a self-supporting community.

Over the years, the settlement also became a research centre for leprosy. Now Sungai Buloh is better known for flowers and plants rather than with leprosy, as commercial nurseries thrive there.
one of the ward

an abandon ward

its actually a grave yard!