Monday, October 27, 2008

Zoo @gain

Sunday 26th October from 12pm till 5pm. Didnt get to shoot pelican taking bath this trip.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

zoo - tembaking at birds trip

Last Sunday at zoo from 2.30pm till 5pm. Stop tembaking at 5pm cuz raining already.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tokku & Noriko Wedding Dinner

Date: 20th October 2008
Time: 7pm
Location: Las Carrestas USJ 10

I was invited by the couple for their wedding dinner at a mexican restaurant. Did not take much photos as I dont have a proper camera and the photos below are taken with my handphone camera. Kinda limited angle as I was too shy to look up opposite - Tokku place a pretty girl in front of me - low cut top, long dye hair england toking girl which is only less than 70cm from her!!! She also a bit too shy to eat her main course - which is a spare ribs.

Anyway thanks for inviting me and congrad to the newly wed couple!!!

thats Joanne - not the low cut girl im talking about!

my main dish


KLD @ Bukit Jalil from 18 till 19 October 2008. All photos was taken on Sunday 19th morning from 8.30am till 12pm only.

You can right click on the photos to download the photo or click on the photos to view bigger.

starting point

Raymond Chan - HEY BUDDY! I printed a 4R for you!


a friend from Penang!

Wai from KSH TTDI