Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trip to Sepang - Bagan Lalang and SGC

All photos shoot with D300 with 17-55mm DX f2.8 lens.
took a walk around arount the town - old house

old bike

wonder why??? dont want to let it grow flower?

look like an eyes!

old radio

wah! bike shop

Bagan Lalang beach

aka as SGC

landscaping - not golfing

the sales office

another famous place for outdoor wedding shot!

wanna buy a house on top of the beach?

all restaurant is close for Raya holiday

massage centre

nice contrast

this is not a hotel but the spa facing the beach

only guards can walk at the grass!

the entrance

famous restaurant next to Lover Bridge - Tanjung Sepat

souvenir from Sepang

this bag cost RM15. BIG LALA!

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