Sunday, October 19, 2008

Multiple Flash - Nikon Speedlight

Wah! now I can have my own mini studio at home with multiple flash - at least 3 unit - keylight, fill ligh and backlight. Each flash need to mount on a light stand, a simple backdrop, a diffuser, snoops and clamp. You need to set all your flash as remote and you can event use your build in flash as fill light. With remote setting at your flash you can achieve off-camera flash. Below are the result of off-camera flash with diffuser and few units of snoops.

with Nikon dome cap direct

Nikon 3 points lighting with diffuser and 2 snoops

I think using Nikon Speedlight will limit my potrait shot just to half figure and very limit my coverage. Well will have to explore more and see!!!

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