Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The disadantages of Deda 35mm (25th July 2014 updated)


 OEM??? Half the price cheaper 

spot these 2 Deda Stem (above and below)

Deda 35mm handlebar will only work with Deda 35mm stem. Read more about Deda 35mm here

Been 5 months using Deda 35mm stem and handlebar. Total weight is 356g. Light? Deda now has released Superleggero version and the weight is 279g.

During these period I also bought a Garmin Edge 500 GPS and it doesn't allow to use with K-Edge mount as can be seen below.

K-EDGE Computer Mount for Garmin Edge


Leave a message and no reply from them!

So my conclusion for Deda 35mm are:-

2) cant use with any 3rd party mount like aerobar or fixed mount size like K-Edge
3) stiffer? bleh!
4) lighter? not really!
5) possible has fake or OEM! emailed Deda to verified but no reply.

and about the two Deda stem above. I noticed that:

1) One comes with Deda box and the other one doesn't
2) one comes without box has chinese manual where the one with box comes with multi languages
3) without box as a steels bolts
4) without box cheaper about USD15
5) both also weight the same - the one with box has 6pcs Ti bolt same weight as the one without box?

Read others review here

item ordered on 2th May and arrived from UK on 10th May cost Pound 3.50 to deliver


24/7/2014 - managed to get this OEM from a authorised dealer at RM230/USD90 -So what exactly is OEM?