Friday, December 31, 2010

Mountain Bike Jockey Wheel compare

from left: TACX, SRAM XX original pulley, KCNC ceramic and Ridea sealed bearing

a close look inside after removing the cap

Tacx has the rougher spin among the rest and the cheapest RM70 at BikePro. Tacx is a sealed bearing and also has the biggest ball bearing among the rest - 6 bearings. Problem with this Tacx is I cant fit this into my XX RD. The caps provided by the Tacx XX pulley T25 torx cant passthrough the cap due to the hole size. Using back the original cap from XX, after locking it the jockey cant even move.

To replace the XX jockey it will cost RM500+ cuz its a ceramic. I have checked with Lim -BP. Read more about SRAM XX jockey wheel replacement here why its so expensive.

KCNC ceramic jockey wheel cost me RM110 for a pair. At first when I open the cap for inspection it doesnt look like ceramic bearing to me cuz if you were to compare XX jockey the code at the bearing cap with start with 4 digit numeric numbers follow by alphabet "CE". And when I open the cap it looks like ceramic. Look at the color of the bearing between XX and KCNC. Oh ya KCNC has 2 types of Jockey, one is the sealed bearing normal type which cost rm70 and the ceramic type.

KCNC ceramic is smoother compare to TACX. The smoothest among these bearing is Ridea. Ridea cost me RM120 and you can get it from Fook Sang. A closer inspection to Ridea is it has 9 ball bearings and smallest ball bearings compare to the rest. Can this makes RIDEA the smoothest jockey wheel among the rest?

According to Ah Yoong, TBFS, Ridea jockey wheel caps is design to fit nicely on the jockey wheel and makes it less wobbly and yes, I do feels it spin smoothly when I hold all the jockey wheel with my two fingers.

Another jockey wheel available in the market is Token. Token has both normal bearing and tiramic (ceramic coating on a steel) bearing. I did not consider the tiramic cuz its the most expensive -RM170 for a tiramic.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bali 5th December - morning - Melia Hotel Nusa Dua

rear balcony with private pool

this shot need to cycle out from the hotel

Bali 7th December -Ubud

about 7am in the morning

hotel swimming pool

shots around the hotel while waiting for breakfast

sunset - shots was taken inside the departure tall and about 6.20pm