Thursday, July 31, 2008

Break Away

Will be away this coming Saturday 2/8 till Tuesday 5/8 and will be back to "ofit" on Wed 6/8.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kenda Nevegal VS. Continental Mountain King

All photos was shot with Canon G9 -Macro - indoor - night (macam film script only)

Bought a pair of Continental Mountain King 2.2 from TBfooksang mainly because of I need a better gripping power after reading review from What Mountain Bike Magazines July 2008 issue. Continental Mountain King was ranked 2nd and 1st is Kenda Nevegal. 2nd reason is I need a slightly wider tires - currently using Kenda Nevegal 2.1. I have another pair of Kenda Nevegal 2.35 but too wide for me.

3rd reason is the price. for a pair of Continental Mountain King 2.2 ranked 2nd that cost RM140 foldable is consider reasonable. Currently in the market all bike shop run out of stock for Kenda Nevegal. KSH TTDI is pushing Intense System 4 for RM120 per piece. Other bike shop only got Maxxis High Roller 2.35, Maxxis Crossmark 2.1 and Kenda Small Block Eight, about RM100 per piece, which doesnt suit me riding style.

On the way home after getting the new pair of tires and while stuck in a traffic jam at MRR2 I had a feel and look at the Conti Mountain King. The compound is kinda soft. Side wall thickness kinda thin.

After intalling the Mountain King I notice the diameter of my wheel become smaller. Look like 1.5!!! wahlan!!! tried to take some photos to campare but hard to find to collect angle to show the different. Maybe should get the 2.4 but they dont bring it in here!

Weight Test

Kenda Nevegal 2.1 640g

Continental Mountain King 2.2 590g

This coming weekend will test this tires!!!

Updates! 6th August - Found a bikeshop at Melawati selling Continental Mountain King only for RM50!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Switch Off Your Mobile lah!!!

A friend of mine from Singapore forward me this ad asking people to switch off their mobile inside the cinema. I find it very interesting and creative that people will talk about it and forward to everyone. On top of that the strong message from the actor quote "very noisy" or in mandarin "Chao Tze Ren" - I believe everyone will start to use this word inside the cinema before the show start. Of cuz the two actor also very funnie. This ad is to promote their next coming movie "Money Not Enough 2" after their 1st episode which is 10 years ago. This movie will go on screen tomorrow 31st July in Singapore. Well done Jack Neo.

enjoy and remember - switch OFF your mobile.

Canon G9 macro

Nothing to do at nite suppose to deliver a video work to client but client also having dinner with another client so pospone. When over to Heehongcycle for chit-chat tokcock and reached home at 8.30pm.

After Dinner I tried on macro shot. Click on the photos to view at bigger size but only 800x600 ya!

This camera doesnt allow you to take macro shot in you try to zoom - meaning that it has to be at the minimum focal length or without any zoom. In this case the lens is almost touching the coin. Still can go closer but the shadow from the lens will fall on the coin. Without macro mode turn on I cant take this shot. 1/30, f2.8, ISO100, AWB, Macro.

After running in and out of my bedroom and study table looking for anything I can shot, touching my dusty things on my working table - I snap this photo instead. A bit shaky - only one hand holding the camera. ISO 400, 1/40, F2.8 AWB, Macro

Oklah since nothing special to shoot. Need to bring this camera shoot something at outdoor and something more creative. As usual my happy hour at night with Doritos OF CUZ I WASHED MY HAND WITH SOAP!!! 1/50, F2.8, ISO 1600, AWB, Macro.

Overall Canon G9 macro shot is fantastic. Just that I dont have any nice subject to shoot that night but take a look at the photo below - texture.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Merz Classic

WOW! this is a real classic. 1965 200 Mercedes-Benz aka "Mar-ser-tee" in very Beng/ Leng way. Spotted this car at Jaya 33 last Sunday. This can is 33 years old selling at 33k - "33" some kind of sign???

Very well maintain. This was park immediately getting into the carpark and draw alot of attention so didn't take much photos of the details of the cars. Check out the photos below - the interior seat.

Envy to the current owner and the new owner.

all photos was taken using Canon G9.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


ALL PHOTOS BELOW ARE SHOT WITH CANON G9. Closeup shots are all in macro features. Impressive but anything above ISO400 is noisy. Click on the image to view larger but only 800x600.


Did not take any photos at kiara ride as was rushing off for 12pm lunch. We hardly had any long break and that’s why no photos were taken during the break. Today’s ride consist of only Meng, Nick, Ron and me, Wai from KSH TTDI joined us later and during the ride he had a puncture tire. I was last today because I was worry that I could not make it before 11am and have two video to cut which needs to be delivered to the client end of this month. Worry too much slow me down. Luckily we finished at 11am and hurry off back to MIL house for a quick shower and rush to Jaya – Jaya 33 for lunch to celebrate my MIL birthday.


Food was good and but we over order. For 7 adults and 2 children the bill came out at RM414 including a fish, duck, soup, some dim sum, 4 bowl of mee with big head prawn, shark fin mee and free flow of Chinese tea.


5pm after my noon nap I washed my bike and changed by bike saddle. My current Stella Italia Trans AM XO weight is 320g (alloy railing and leather cover) and the new WTB Rocket V Ti railing weight 230g @ RM230.

old saddle

times up! Been using it since my 1st bike

Miss Dusty with new WTB Pure V

using her - my pet as model and posing. Sport car use pretty girls. Bike parts use pets.

No animal was harm during the shot ya!

Ti railing

wow! 320g

another 90g off from my bike now.

don't be shy with your new pillow

Dusty new toy since I cant get her fav. toy - Energizer bunny

Waiting for opening ceremony next weekend PCC ride @ RRI

Also tried to figure out my new Topeak Wirelsss Paroma V12 mini cycle computer. Cant seem to detach the wheel spin. ARRGGGHH!!!

Since I took out the weighing machine to weight the saddle I also weight the two brand of tube, Kenda and Cheng Shin. I found out that Cheng Shin is 10g lighter. Among MTBikers I do know Cheng Shin is more popular because of the valve head is better. Read more from fakawitribe forum.



And More FOOD

In the evening had dinner with my Mr. We bought a book about food and where to hunt for food in Klang Valey. I guess my blog will have more photos and review about food. Argh… don’t want to talk about food now as im still suffering from this afternoon over order food where I have to stuff to finished it. Again the food was good but towards the end is like MUST finish it. blek!

ngek ngek ngek!!! disturbing Miss. Dusty

More photos can view here

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Starlites 2008 - My Dear Students

Starlites 2008




MM lecturer!!!


Will write something soon! let the photos explain everything for now ya!

all photos are shoot with D300 ISO1600. SUPERB!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Happy Hour

If im not going anywhere afterwork this is my happy hour at home watching news, CSI, games show or watching DVDs at home or will read some magazines with my corn chips.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

BEEzee Weekend

Been working every Saturday since 14th June and 19th July Saturday after work rush home to take a noon nap cuz in the evening need to take a wedding shot at Bankers Club at Amoda KL. The event ended at 11.30pm and rush home for next morning Batu Dam ride with PCC at 8am morning.

Next morning 20th July almost late for early breakfast before the ride. The breakfast for this morning is Tosai and Nescafe ice. No more American breakfast. Read my last Sunday post here

When we reached Batu Dam front gate and everyone was there. My gang was the last with Peter Nomad the sweeper.

Not much of leeches this time. Not even a single leeches craw into my leg. The only break that we have is at the mini waterfall for about 20 mins. After the break my riding gang (Nick, Ron, Guan and me) are the first few to start and continue another 8km back to the carpark. Two Ah Moh was ahead of us. Peter told us to becareful as there is a bees at the falling trees.

Guan was infront of me follow by Nick and Ron. When I pass the falling trees, actually look more like a falling of a big tree braches, I was stung by bees - ON MY LEFT ASS. Actually not exactly at the ass but thigh (upper "yai pei"). Guan got stung by 5 bees and Ron got 6. Nick was lucky didnt get any. Immediately I need the pain on my left leg and cold sweat.

wah!!! banyak gatal here!!!

We continue with the trails and another 6km we will reach to the carpark area. Guan was infont of me. It was a downhill trails and I wasnt really enjoying it cuz the pain at my ass. I saw Rob's bike and I stop and see what happen. He was chopping down bushes to open up a new trails. Me, Ron, Nick another PCC members spend about 1hr to explore a new trails. Rob was leading the new trail. Other head back to the carpark.

After reaching a river Rob kind of lost in direction. We decided to follow the river and finally we found the trails that lead of back to the carpark.

Rob asking Ron for direction. hehe jokin...

Reached home about 2.30pm and unpack all the gears. 6.30pm dad call for dinner. At 6pm I rush to see doctor after asking Siang from Heehong bike shop should I see a doctor cuz he and ah meng kena before at RRI. At least 15 stings each of them.

Reached home after the dinner at Robson Height - Restaurant Siu Siu. And was fall asleep at 9.30pm.

More PCC Batu Dam photos can view here