Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Merdeka merdeka and merdeka!

yeah yeah yeah long holiday for me. Will be back to work on 2nd Sept 2008. I wish all Malaysian a Happy Holiday. Thats all. Long weekend break right??? Thats what Merdeka is all about.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

House vs. Car

Was eying on this house, actually a semi-D builed near my current house, 1 minutes walk. The land was empty for 25 years plus and some developer build 8 units of these house and completed about 2 months ago. Taught of selling off my current house but after calculate ... not possible. Have to pay off the bank load of this new house before I retire.

last unit left. Called up and the price is ... RM1.5mil woh!

side view of the house - can see KL city.

or maybe wait for this - Honda City 2009

rear - look like BMW

dashboard - a bit look like Vios

steering look like Civic

may this one. After calculate 5 years loan, downpayment, 2.5%, every month have to pay RM1.8K

Ok go back to sleep and continue to dream - "Believe"

Sunday, August 24, 2008

season parker?

I taugh only HITZ.FM community ad use this new word - parker, asking people do not double park their car can call these people a parker. Im so curious got such word mer? I have checked online dictionary, don’t have ler!!!

fishing at spa?

emmm... quite some time never go fishing liao with my fishing kakis ever since their wife is pregnant. After pregnant have to take care of baby.

Last sunday not riding so went to Kenko Fishspa at Pavillion. It cost RM38 for half a hour and if you buy 10 coupon it cost only RM30 only.

You have to wash your leg before you dip into the water. For guy better to wear short pants and for female better dont wear skirt. Their will give you a card and you have to touch the card at the sensor - just like touch n go card and the timer will start.

Immediately when you dip your leg into the water the fishes start approaching you. 'Wahlau dam geli'... thats why never in my life I go to any spa. This is my first time let the fishes to kiss kiss my legs. Cant image if I go for the full body version. Maybe their room for the full body fish spa massage got sound proof!!! It feels like electrocuted. They are not shy and friendly. They can never stop biting you and watch out for the bigger size one... kekeke kakaka ohohohoh....

Try not to stay at the same spot. Move to another section if can!!! FYI you are require to turn off your mobile and remain silent!!!

You will also be given a face size towel. You can use it to wipe the wet floor or you use it to hold your laughter but make sure you dont use it together - wipe the floor and biting it to hold the shiok!!! : ) At the end you will use it to dry your feet.

Well overall its a good experience. Personally I dont see any different but you feel more relax after the excitement from the bite bite. I will let the photos and video the speak now. All photos are shot with Canon G9.

the entrance to Kenko Fishspa

Once you enter you can see this from a side view.

photo was taken after 15mins - the fishes already tired i guess.

I move to another spot. Wahlau ... you guys never eat breakfast this morning kah!!! cont giggling... keke kaka oooo he...

close up shot! on the right side the fish is not a dead fish but kissing - the side way where your head have to turn a bit...

Maybe this is her style.

After the spa session walked over to Sungai Wang Plaza for lunch at Esquire Kitchen - the specialties - 'Siew Loong Pao'.

Have not seen this for quite some times. The cup holder.

DV when back to Gelato again for more ice-cream. That's Christine - friend from UK.

Watch the video here!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Arvil lavigne not coming anymore!

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia on Tuesday canceled a concert by Canadian rock singer Avril Lavigne, saying it may taint the Muslim-majority country's independence day celebrations after the Islamic opposition slammed her show as being "too sexy." Source from here.

What an idiot and what if Datuk Siti Nurnaliza perform oversea? Terrorist? muslim?

look ok for her?

not ok our Datuk Siti right?

Suzuki SX4 - Part 1

At this moment only GC-MOTORSPORT selling bodykit for SX4. Material is PP so dont need to spray. Front lip, model BK-152 selling RM350, entire front bumper model BK-149 cost RM1K plus excluding painting. Last Saturday added the front lip. The front lip fit perfectly and adding 1 inch lower from the existing front ground clearance. Please see the dark blue front lip photo - exactly the same.

Next month will adding the side skirt, model BK-150 and will cost RM550 (no paint). Will not getting the rear bumper lip model BK-153 as I dont see any different after adding.

Also Wanna change the paper filter element to KNN only found out that Swift/ SSS cannot fit SX4.

Other mod list are:

1) KNN air filter 2) Brisk EPS VS 3) door visor 4) grounding cable 5) lenso sport rims 6) enkei sport rims

offroad - cross country

street tune - the side skirt nicer than the one from GC

related link to sx4:-

2) suzuki accessories (japanese)

3) suzuki accessories (english)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Greenfish Video Contest

Submitted a 3 mins plus video to Greenfish Video Contest that I took from Kiara Downhill Domination, organised by Freehide Malaysia.

Gelato Ice-cream for this kind of weather

If you prefer something not so milky try this Gelato ice-cream at Pavillion. Price is resonable and the best is the variety flavours, bestest is most of the ice-cream from Gelato not only milky type but also got durian, dragon fruits, orange, mix fruits ... yummy! All photos here are shot with Canon G9 ISO 80. FYI Gelato (italy) mean ice-cream.

Gelato - opposite Coffee Bean or Jade Pavillion. F4.5 1/60

For 3 flavours regular pack of 500g only RM27.90. Price and taste anytime better than Baskin!!!

foreigners queuing. F2.8 1/125

Places got food sure got DV :) F2.8 1/125

Dragon fruit flavour - my favourite now after the dengue incident. F6.3 1/50

Pineapple Orange flavour! F6.3 1/50

The milky flavour section! nolah not my type F4.5 1/50

The oyster flavour section! nolah jokin F2.8 1/125

can mix flavour for regular pack 500g

Sunday, August 17, 2008

KLMBH @ Broga - 17th Aug 2008

Organised by KLMBH. Ride start at 9.35am plus and end at 1.40pm for the long ride. Total distance is 35km under the hot sun.
FYI Broga means "berharga", formally rich in his tin mine. It is also a X-communist resettlement area. Broga got a famous "stone datuk" temple (石哪督庙) which come with a sad Japannses occupation time killing story, which attract buses of visitors all over the country even from Singapore.

Me and Meng car pool and wait for the rest at the 1st toll after Phoenix Plaza, Cheras. The trip to Broga is about 30km. Luckily I have a Garmin Nuvi 200 else we will definaltely lost our way to Broga.

Thats Ah Meng

The temple at Broga

Closer view

Scenic view round the remple. Wonder can me walk and hike up the mountain?

View from the top

about to start

thats me! the shadow and Frankie brought along some friends - new to biking but reasonal hikers.

about 100 riders

Briefing and the ride start at 9.35am plus!

Me and Ah Meng waiting for the rest and took us 10mins to decide with route. So we finally decided on the llllooooonnnngggg route.

more riders are coming to the first junction - scenic or long

The highest peak (high and dry). Not a day for me again as my rear shift cannot go to the last 3 biggest gear. Suffering from climb end up pushing. I only have 18 speeds only instead of 27. Water running low also.

took this photos while resting. After this break was downhill and my rear tire puncture again.

Lunch at Broga 2.30pm

Nick, Ron and others waited for us for 1.30 hrs cuz me and ah Meng took the long ride. Actually we can finish faster if: - 1) my gear working well, 2) no puncture 3) lost in direction 4) finish my office work 5) bring more water (what a hot day).

Reached home 4pm after sending my Bike for gear tuning and spoke tighten at Heehong Cycle - the only bicycle shop open on Sunday and near my house. Wash car, unmount the bike carrier, unpack and shower everything and took a quick nap till 5pm. Called my wife to tapao dinner home as I wanna catch the badminton match - Olympic 2008 Beijing between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. this morning 18th Aug almost cannot wake up from bed.

my dinner. Yummy!