Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Intense Lightweight tube vs. Cheng Shin Tube

Bought a pair on Intense CC-200 at KSH TTDI and it cost RM20 per piece - RM7 extra than normal tubes. This is a lightweight and the different between Intense CC and Cheng Shin is about 30g.

using both new tires and tube

Intense Lightweight CC is only 140g

This is the weight of Cheng Shin Tube - 170g

Sunday 3rd August ride at RRI with Pedalphiles Cycling Club (PCC) cant really tell the different as im using both new item at the same time.

You can read my review of the Continental Mountain King and tube weight test here

9th August - the Intense Tires only last for one ride. I only realise it when im preparing my bike at Saturday nite and notice that my rear wheel is flat. There is a puncture mark at the tube, why not puncture on the spot during RRI ride?

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