Monday, August 18, 2008

Gelato Ice-cream for this kind of weather

If you prefer something not so milky try this Gelato ice-cream at Pavillion. Price is resonable and the best is the variety flavours, bestest is most of the ice-cream from Gelato not only milky type but also got durian, dragon fruits, orange, mix fruits ... yummy! All photos here are shot with Canon G9 ISO 80. FYI Gelato (italy) mean ice-cream.

Gelato - opposite Coffee Bean or Jade Pavillion. F4.5 1/60

For 3 flavours regular pack of 500g only RM27.90. Price and taste anytime better than Baskin!!!

foreigners queuing. F2.8 1/125

Places got food sure got DV :) F2.8 1/125

Dragon fruit flavour - my favourite now after the dengue incident. F6.3 1/50

Pineapple Orange flavour! F6.3 1/50

The milky flavour section! nolah not my type F4.5 1/50

The oyster flavour section! nolah jokin F2.8 1/125

can mix flavour for regular pack 500g

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