Sunday, August 17, 2008

KLMBH @ Broga - 17th Aug 2008

Organised by KLMBH. Ride start at 9.35am plus and end at 1.40pm for the long ride. Total distance is 35km under the hot sun.
FYI Broga means "berharga", formally rich in his tin mine. It is also a X-communist resettlement area. Broga got a famous "stone datuk" temple (石哪督庙) which come with a sad Japannses occupation time killing story, which attract buses of visitors all over the country even from Singapore.

Me and Meng car pool and wait for the rest at the 1st toll after Phoenix Plaza, Cheras. The trip to Broga is about 30km. Luckily I have a Garmin Nuvi 200 else we will definaltely lost our way to Broga.

Thats Ah Meng

The temple at Broga

Closer view

Scenic view round the remple. Wonder can me walk and hike up the mountain?

View from the top

about to start

thats me! the shadow and Frankie brought along some friends - new to biking but reasonal hikers.

about 100 riders

Briefing and the ride start at 9.35am plus!

Me and Ah Meng waiting for the rest and took us 10mins to decide with route. So we finally decided on the llllooooonnnngggg route.

more riders are coming to the first junction - scenic or long

The highest peak (high and dry). Not a day for me again as my rear shift cannot go to the last 3 biggest gear. Suffering from climb end up pushing. I only have 18 speeds only instead of 27. Water running low also.

took this photos while resting. After this break was downhill and my rear tire puncture again.

Lunch at Broga 2.30pm

Nick, Ron and others waited for us for 1.30 hrs cuz me and ah Meng took the long ride. Actually we can finish faster if: - 1) my gear working well, 2) no puncture 3) lost in direction 4) finish my office work 5) bring more water (what a hot day).

Reached home 4pm after sending my Bike for gear tuning and spoke tighten at Heehong Cycle - the only bicycle shop open on Sunday and near my house. Wash car, unmount the bike carrier, unpack and shower everything and took a quick nap till 5pm. Called my wife to tapao dinner home as I wanna catch the badminton match - Olympic 2008 Beijing between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. this morning 18th Aug almost cannot wake up from bed.

my dinner. Yummy!

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