Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Suzuki SX4 - Part 1

At this moment only GC-MOTORSPORT selling bodykit for SX4. Material is PP so dont need to spray. Front lip, model BK-152 selling RM350, entire front bumper model BK-149 cost RM1K plus excluding painting. Last Saturday added the front lip. The front lip fit perfectly and adding 1 inch lower from the existing front ground clearance. Please see the dark blue front lip photo - exactly the same.

Next month will adding the side skirt, model BK-150 and will cost RM550 (no paint). Will not getting the rear bumper lip model BK-153 as I dont see any different after adding.

Also Wanna change the paper filter element to KNN only found out that Swift/ SSS cannot fit SX4.

Other mod list are:

1) KNN air filter 2) Brisk EPS VS 3) door visor 4) grounding cable 5) lenso sport rims 6) enkei sport rims

offroad - cross country

street tune - the side skirt nicer than the one from GC

related link to sx4:-

2) suzuki accessories (japanese)

3) suzuki accessories (english)

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