Monday, March 30, 2009

coming up next - UV filters test

Different brand and grade!

personal review coming up next or you can download it to test with Photoshop using this method. (thanks to Calvin for the great sharing). You can also read more at Photomalaysia forum here.

quote from Calvin "

What filter is attached to the lenses that you are using now?

Ever wonder what is the difference between a high-grade UV filter and a low-grade UV filter? Have you ever find out?

Here is a simple experiment you can do it at home.

Objective: To compare the quality of the available protective filter and rank them accordingly

1. One piece of white paper (a regular A4 paper will do)
2. Choice of your UV filters

1. Put all the filters on top of a piece of white paper.
2. Check the clarity visually to get a visual confirmation
3. Snap a photo of the filters arranged
4. transfer the photo into your Photo processing software (ACDSee pro will do)
5. Increase the Level and Contrast until you tell the difference.

Experiment report:
Refer to the picture #1 attached. The one left is Nikon NC Filter (worth RM230), on the right is Hoya UV Filter (worth RM120), and on the top is Marumi UV Filter (worth RM30 at most).

You will find that the Nikon NC Filter is the clearest among all three, Hoya UV Filter is slightly darker with a little yellowish, and the Marumi UV Filter is the darkest. Yes, I know it rather difficult to tell the difference especially based on a picture, but trust me, it is very clear if you see the experiment right before you.

In case you still can’t tell the difference, Picture #2 I attached is the same photo with high contrast to help you see better.

The type of materials that called thin glass may not look as simple as you might think of. The thin glass itself will affect the penetration of light.

So do you still think the simple UV/NC filters are made equally? Think again, what lenses are you using now? Perhaps it is time to evaluate your filters attached with it.

Full report of Filter comparison is posted in: "

CANON Miniature - EOS 5D Mark II - 4GB USB Drive

You can buy this at ebay or here - 4GB for about USD100 (RM360) without shipment!
So sorry Nikon dont have. Nikon users you can buy a 4GB Sandisk Extreme III CF card for RM160 or 8GB for RM280 : ) Price from C-zone 30/3/2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour video of Kuala Lumpur

Earth Hour. Reached Ulu Langat - the highest point at 7.30pm to get a better view. Video camera start to record at 8.27pm but Menara Maybank turn off their lights earlier about 8.25pm. The video clip above has been speed up for 500x/ stop recording at 8.50pm.

Since this event take place at Saturday already some buildings, occupied office space turn off the light due to no one will be available at this hour on a weekend.

The video quality is kinda bad due to the compression and camera keep focusing. Should have put to manual or just focus on one of the supported building to this Earth Hour.

What I observe is not many ppl support this campaign - the view from here : ( Ulu Langat is full of peoples and what I heard from them also feel dissapointed! We cant see the diff!!! Some even aspect the whole KL turn off their lights like condos and street lights - they want all off!!!

That night I watched "The Day the Earth Stood Still". I encourage everyone should watch it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Almost getting my 4rd SLR! "its too good to be true"

As usual after my dinner I will read the newspaper - The Star 20th March and I saw this advertisement from Harvey Norman advertise Nikon D90 for RM1688!!!. After look carefully the photo is a D90 model but on the text wrote P90 - was thinking maybe the designer make a mistake. Read on the whole description should like talking about D90 and comes with lens too!

All the while I was thinking to get this model to shoot video plus taking photos. Will still maintain my old D70s for Intra-Red (IR) purpose.

Wah sommore can pay installment 0% with Maybankard. Promotion with Maybank credit card can earn extra 5 times point (1688x5 = 8440) plus chance to win a RM100Pizza Hut voucher.

To good to be true I just called up Harvey Norman Pavillion (if its real I might rush down to Pavillion to buy) but after talking to the sales she said its a mistake and keep on saying sorry and apology!

Well just shock "sendiri" for a while for nothing but again who might know it can be true. I got a friend who bought a massager for leg at superly good deal. After telling everyone at the office we all rush to Watson and this time the sales person said dont have such thing. Luckily for Joanne Kok she managed to get 2 units for half the price.

Just a "shiok sendiri" post but hey Harvey Norman "IT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE".

The following item after the Nikon D90 is Canon G10 selling at RM2068 - cheap mer?

Anyway Saturday after work when to Ikano Harvey Horman and see if any luck that the staff wanna sell me the Nikon D90 for RM1688 but surprisingly Dont have Nikon DSLR at all but I saw this ads on their camera counter.

newspaper advertise for RM2068 but at the shops selling RM1899!!!

The same night I received a sms from my friend and i quote "dear friends. Canon EOS 5DMARK 2 RM7000. Canon EOS 5D mark II kit EF24-105mm RM9000. Nikon (all body only) D300 RM4000, D700RM7000, D90 RM2500" : )

Maybe at DCIM SHOW next weekend at Mid Valley can get some better deal there!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nice comic I would like to share with EVERYONE! Happens to everyone!

please visit the original site if you know how to read in Thai for more comics!

Tokina 11-16 vs. Sigma 10-20mm DC vs. Tokina 12-24mm f4

Test 1: Center sharpness test @ min. zoom (all photos maintain at f5 @ camera)

Sigma 10-20mm @ 10mm

Tokina 11-16@ 11mm

Tokina 12-24@ 12mm

you might want to click on each photos. Download it and stack them in Photoshop to compare.

Test 2: Center sharpness test @ max. zoom (all photos maintain at f5 @ camera)

Sigma 10-20mm @ 20mm

Tokina 11-16@ 16mm

Tokina 12-24@ 24mm

personal review and finding:
Tokina 11-16mm at the min zoom as the sharpest whereas Sigma 10-20mm at the max zoom is the winner. All of these lenses uses 72mm filter. I also tested the Nikon 10.5mm DX fish eye and it is the best among the lenses I tested here.

Pricing as on 26/3/2009
Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 RM2200 (YANNICK)
Tokina 12-24mm f4 RM1650 (YANNICK)
Sigma 10-20mm f4 RM1850 (LEE)
Nikon 10.5mm DX RM2400 (Keycolor)

How to use ultra wide lenses HERE

ultrawide comparison by Kenrockwell HERE

Review of Tokina 12-24mm by DPreview here

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Continue from my previous post but this one related to holidays, food and travels.

this time the trip to Melaka I spend more time here at this shop - everything from Japan and everything also RM5, better than 100yen! While waiting to check into hotel my wife and I when jalan jalan at the biggest shopping mall there - Makhota Pahlawan!

Saturday morning, Bukit Cina for chicken rice, opposite the market. My aunt from Melaka said this is the best one but I still prefer the one at Jonker Street!

lunch at one of the famous Baba and Nyonya food
Restoran Bibik Neo
4 & 6 Jalan Merdeka
Taman Melaka Raya
Tel: 06 281 7054
Eye of Melaka, near the sea or next to Holiday Inn Hotel - dunno see what at this corner

you can buy 1 pc of battery here in Melaka and RM1.50 per piece

the menu at the Teo Chew Restaurant

this is one of my fav. dish from the Teo Chew Restaurant - yam dessert with pumpkin

this is where I propose to my wife, or the other way round! this shops sells all wedding thingy. During dating that time I always come to this shop to take photos. So in 2005 december we came back here again and she said "again this place". In front of the shop I took out the propose ring and of cuz she dare not say nolah : )

opposite the wedding shop to will find this "tim sum"

a temple along Jalan Tukang Besi. I took this photo at 6pm and already close - the door!

Tour De Melaka! alot of bikers here in Melaka!

Cheng Ho tea house!

inside the tea house

Friday night at Jonker Street.

alot of "ang moh" like to hang out here

not cheap! RM60 per pair! but my wife said confortable

Bukit Cina Wet market

Bukit Cina wet market building

shots around the market!

was raining on Saturday morning

they call this japanese bicycle!

Proton trishaw prototype on the road???

biscuit barrier

one of my fav. shot

traditional chinese madicine hall

shots along Jonker Street

shots inside a paper Craft shop

baby full moon should wear this to protect them from bad spirit

look at the details!

spotted a bike shop at Jonker Street!

this bike shop is just next to the Teo Chiew Restaurant

antique! classic and memories

Jalan Tukang Besi - maybe suitable for gang fight - just grab your choice of knife from this shop

another temple along Jalan Tukang Besi

St. Francis Xavier Church

my first stop immediately arrive at Melaka for Chicken Rice. Their assam fish also not bad RM17 per piece. Enuf for two persons. Chicken per plate is RM4.

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice

4, 6 and 8, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka. Tel: 06- 2834 751

view from the Teo Chiew Restaurant. The kitchen is at the main entrance

inside the Teo Chiew Restaurant

the chief

Family photos and gathering in Melaka -rare

the first dish

the suckling pig - size big - price RM160