Monday, March 9, 2009

Kenda Super Lite from Melaka!

When down to Melaka last Friday and stop by a bicycle shop - the biggest and well known in Melaka called Sin Bee Hin and saw this Kenda Super Lite Tube and decided to buy one piece and try.

The next day 7/3/2009 (Saturday) when back about 2pm and they are close!

Well in order to use this kind of tube you must have sufficient air (est. 50psi) . Hard enough so that you can feel you have less grip on the road else you will brun RM14 per tube. So this tube is more suitable for cross-country.

You can compare Intense Superlight and Cheng Shin here

same price as Cheng Shin tube - RM14 only.

the weight almost the same as Intense Superlight but compare to Intense this tube is thicker and RM6 cheaper. Make in Taiwan.

Sin Bee Hin www
47, Jalan Ong Kim Wee, 75300, Melaka, Tel/ Fax: 606 283 1477. Look for Toh Kian Keong. 5 min drive from Jonker Street.

they carry Merida, Ibis, Cannondale (lefty) and plenty of Fox Shock!

plenty of Lefty here compare to KL!

Ibis full carbon!

another bike shop close the Equatorial Hotel! And another one further up the road but didnt border to shop and see!

another "flyweight" tube By Maxxis at the market at Klang Valley - 95grams and RM35!!! Maxxis also has "ultralight"

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