Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend - Last Saturday for the month of Feb

which is also the 28th of Feb 2009. Evening when to Bentong - about 45mins drive from Karak tolls for this famous shops for ice-cream that has been operate for 36 years and the boss is still there! Unfortunately you can taste the ice-cream but just let the photos speaks.

The second toll (RM3.70) after the Karak toll immediately turn left to Bentong Utara. Turn right at the T-junction (turn left to go hot-spring) and go all the way straight to another T-junction. Turn left and go straight for another 5 mins and you will see a bus station on your left. The coffee shop is just opposite the bus station and next to Hong Leong Bank, same row as Esso and Shell petrol station.

Kow Po Coffee Shop No.2, Bentong Heights, 28700, Bentong, Pahang Tel: 09-222 1258/ 09-222 0391

Business Hours:
10.20am till 7.30pm (close on Mondays except Public Holidays)

the main menu here which is the ice-cream

according to the boss - standing with yellow shirt chatting with his regular customers from outstation, the ice-cream is actually his own fomula 36 years ago - 1973.

the bus stop

other ingredients for the ice-cream. Sorry dont have any photos of the ice-cream. Forgoten to take. Was too excited.

car/ bike clubs and even PCC stop here for refreshment. Their regular customer are Ling Leong Seik and Ghafa Baba

check out the number plate

inatead of using the highway I took a small road from Bentong to Janda Baik for dinner

my mum was behind the car. Stop to wait for my dad any sis etc. Mum did not complain about my driving from Bentong to Janda Baik - a two way lanes. I guess she's enjoying.

Janda Baik Town

some stalls

they said here famous for the papaya and garlic woh and the smell is really strong!

suppose to have dinner here but the restaurant cant serve their customers cuz no electricity.

inside the restaurant

we took a drive up to Gotong Jaya for dinner!!!

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