Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Continue from my previous post but this one related to holidays, food and travels.

this time the trip to Melaka I spend more time here at this shop - everything from Japan and everything also RM5, better than 100yen! While waiting to check into hotel my wife and I when jalan jalan at the biggest shopping mall there - Makhota Pahlawan!

Saturday morning, Bukit Cina for chicken rice, opposite the market. My aunt from Melaka said this is the best one but I still prefer the one at Jonker Street!

lunch at one of the famous Baba and Nyonya food
Restoran Bibik Neo
4 & 6 Jalan Merdeka
Taman Melaka Raya
Tel: 06 281 7054
Eye of Melaka, near the sea or next to Holiday Inn Hotel - dunno see what at this corner

you can buy 1 pc of battery here in Melaka and RM1.50 per piece

the menu at the Teo Chew Restaurant

this is one of my fav. dish from the Teo Chew Restaurant - yam dessert with pumpkin

this is where I propose to my wife, or the other way round! this shops sells all wedding thingy. During dating that time I always come to this shop to take photos. So in 2005 december we came back here again and she said "again this place". In front of the shop I took out the propose ring and of cuz she dare not say nolah : )

opposite the wedding shop to will find this "tim sum"

a temple along Jalan Tukang Besi. I took this photo at 6pm and already close - the door!

Tour De Melaka! alot of bikers here in Melaka!

Cheng Ho tea house!

inside the tea house

Friday night at Jonker Street.

alot of "ang moh" like to hang out here

not cheap! RM60 per pair! but my wife said confortable

Bukit Cina Wet market

Bukit Cina wet market building

shots around the market!

was raining on Saturday morning

they call this japanese bicycle!

Proton trishaw prototype on the road???

biscuit barrier

one of my fav. shot

traditional chinese madicine hall

shots along Jonker Street

shots inside a paper Craft shop

baby full moon should wear this to protect them from bad spirit

look at the details!

spotted a bike shop at Jonker Street!

this bike shop is just next to the Teo Chiew Restaurant

antique! classic and memories

Jalan Tukang Besi - maybe suitable for gang fight - just grab your choice of knife from this shop

another temple along Jalan Tukang Besi

St. Francis Xavier Church

my first stop immediately arrive at Melaka for Chicken Rice. Their assam fish also not bad RM17 per piece. Enuf for two persons. Chicken per plate is RM4.

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice

4, 6 and 8, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka. Tel: 06- 2834 751

view from the Teo Chiew Restaurant. The kitchen is at the main entrance

inside the Teo Chiew Restaurant

the chief

Family photos and gathering in Melaka -rare

the first dish

the suckling pig - size big - price RM160

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ManMeng said...

hahaha cantik pictures ah, i think i have never really spend quality time in melaka until now, most of the times also rush here rush there. the baba nyonya stall seems interesting, would want to try it out one day. :D