Friday, March 20, 2009

Almost getting my 4rd SLR! "its too good to be true"

As usual after my dinner I will read the newspaper - The Star 20th March and I saw this advertisement from Harvey Norman advertise Nikon D90 for RM1688!!!. After look carefully the photo is a D90 model but on the text wrote P90 - was thinking maybe the designer make a mistake. Read on the whole description should like talking about D90 and comes with lens too!

All the while I was thinking to get this model to shoot video plus taking photos. Will still maintain my old D70s for Intra-Red (IR) purpose.

Wah sommore can pay installment 0% with Maybankard. Promotion with Maybank credit card can earn extra 5 times point (1688x5 = 8440) plus chance to win a RM100Pizza Hut voucher.

To good to be true I just called up Harvey Norman Pavillion (if its real I might rush down to Pavillion to buy) but after talking to the sales she said its a mistake and keep on saying sorry and apology!

Well just shock "sendiri" for a while for nothing but again who might know it can be true. I got a friend who bought a massager for leg at superly good deal. After telling everyone at the office we all rush to Watson and this time the sales person said dont have such thing. Luckily for Joanne Kok she managed to get 2 units for half the price.

Just a "shiok sendiri" post but hey Harvey Norman "IT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE".

The following item after the Nikon D90 is Canon G10 selling at RM2068 - cheap mer?

Anyway Saturday after work when to Ikano Harvey Horman and see if any luck that the staff wanna sell me the Nikon D90 for RM1688 but surprisingly Dont have Nikon DSLR at all but I saw this ads on their camera counter.

newspaper advertise for RM2068 but at the shops selling RM1899!!!

The same night I received a sms from my friend and i quote "dear friends. Canon EOS 5DMARK 2 RM7000. Canon EOS 5D mark II kit EF24-105mm RM9000. Nikon (all body only) D300 RM4000, D700RM7000, D90 RM2500" : )

Maybe at DCIM SHOW next weekend at Mid Valley can get some better deal there!

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