Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour video of Kuala Lumpur

Earth Hour. Reached Ulu Langat - the highest point at 7.30pm to get a better view. Video camera start to record at 8.27pm but Menara Maybank turn off their lights earlier about 8.25pm. The video clip above has been speed up for 500x/ stop recording at 8.50pm.

Since this event take place at Saturday already some buildings, occupied office space turn off the light due to no one will be available at this hour on a weekend.

The video quality is kinda bad due to the compression and camera keep focusing. Should have put to manual or just focus on one of the supported building to this Earth Hour.

What I observe is not many ppl support this campaign - the view from here : ( Ulu Langat is full of peoples and what I heard from them also feel dissapointed! We cant see the diff!!! Some even aspect the whole KL turn off their lights like condos and street lights - they want all off!!!

That night I watched "The Day the Earth Stood Still". I encourage everyone should watch it.

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