Wednesday, June 15, 2011


the weight of 64pcs alu nipples. RM1.20 per piece.

the weight for 2pcs tubeless valve RM25 each

this will be my new setup but unfortunately the website does not have MMX Podium rims options. 1391g minus 42g x 2 (Apline is 330g and MMX is 288g per piece) = 1307g

my current wheelset = 1475g

1475g - 1307g = 168g saving

MMX Podium is wider comparing to Apline and some said MMX feels like a tabular like road bike - I wonder hows it feels.

the weapon soon to be review!

The weight of the Alpine is 330g per piece and the Podium MMX is 288g. Bought is at TBFS @ RM750/ USD250 per pair without the yellow tape. Will only be using it after my current tires worn out.

"The Podium is a race only wheel and should be used that way. I have talked with Stan directly about this after a semi local shop to me was selling them as everyday use wheels. He told me if the wheel is used as a "do it all" wheel do not expect it to last much longer then a year. I know that there are people out there that are using them as everyday wheels but if it me I would take the small weight penalty and go with the Alpine rim."

also read about CK and i9 hubs comparison here

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Ergon Grip

actual weight of GX1 without the end cap

GX1 packaging from CRC

actual weight of GP1

GX1 will be my 3rd grip I bought from Ergon. My 1st Ergon grip is GC2 (photo below) and my 2nd will be GP1 (@202g and sold). The 3rd one I ordered from CRC.

These grips are pretty heavy across the board, but they are worth the comfort. I will still be keeping the GC2 which build together with a bar end.

left: Ergon GX1 Leichtbau 132g pair right: Ergon GC2 284g pair


Using the knowledge gained from the development of the Ergon GP1, the GC2 offers optimal pressure distribution and an integrated forged aluminum bar end. Both the support platform and bar end can be individually positioned by loosening the bar end which also acts as the clamp.

GX1 Leichtbau

A lightweight grip for full-on racing. The underlying concept is based on our successful GP and GR series grips. The GX1 features a compact body with a significantly slimmer wing, and lower grip diameter in the mid section than the GP1. The grip is designed for quick hand position changes in challenging riding and racing conditions. Made from a lightweight rubber compound and combined with a highly secure lightweight clamp, the GX series is the most comfortable grip on the World Cup race circuit.


Ergon’s original and ground breaking GP1 continues to set standards. Offering optimal pressure distribution and available in two sizes, it features a forged aluminum clamp for fast and secure installation. Adjustment of the support platform is achieved by simply loosening the clamp bolt and positioning the grip to the desired neutral position.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ergon TP1

side view

rear view

the cleat fitting

It stated clearly that I need to use premium/ race cleats with TP1. My stock cleats that comes with EB doesn't allow to fit into TP1

the big box

Been looking for it at CRC, Singapore for 2 months and at the end I ordered from Amazon
No loss in power. The first ever tool for simple yet precise Installation of cleats On cycling shoes.

The critical interface. The energy that goes into cycling is transferred via the pedal, shoe and cleat. Ergonomics in this area plays a massive role. Without an ergonomic setup power and performance will be lost. Comfort will be compromised. Injury could result. Correctly installed cleats are noticeable from the first ride. The Ergon TP1 allows the accurate adjustment of the three axis which are important when installing cleats. The fore/aft position, the stance (Q-Factor) and the foot angle. It is simple, fast and effective.

The tool is completed by a small handbook. This is a guide to basic ergonomics of the foot and leg, the biomechanic consequences and a simple step by step manual for using the TP1. For expert users information is provided about maximising performance.

watch some videos here and the setting here

Anyone with Crank Brothers pedal and cleat and would like to adjust your cleat position please email me at Only RM10 charges to cover back my cost and you do not need to order and buy. Just need to use it once.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

SRAM XX vs. XO Shifter (updated 4/8/2011)

to remove the cover of the XO shifter, you just need to turn the "impulse" and its very loose. XX you need a special tools to remove.

the different

inside the XO shifter

actual weight of XO shifter - 1 side - cut wire to fit my bike

SRAM website claimed 232g per pair = 116g per side

SRAM claimed XX shifter weight - 183g per pair = 91.5g per piece

actual weight per piece - uncut wire brand new

If XO = 232g per pair minus XX 183g = 49g so I should be saving this amount of weight but right now I only saved 18g for RM750/ USD250 invested :(

If you ask me what's the diff between these two shifter, they are:
1) effortless shifting
2) XX can only use with 2x10 setting
3) look - carbon cover for XX
4) both can use matchmaker

24 July 2011 -PCC Prez 2011
- Almost reaching the check point 2 my right/ rear XX shifter failed. Unable to shift at all and end up DNF my ride. :(

The same day had the shifter removed and passed to KSH directly for claim/ repair.

3rd August 2011 - call from KSH
They ask me to bring back the other side (front FD) shifter ASAP for full claim instead of repairing it as I was told that SRAM shifter has this problem on all their SRAM trigger shift.

I hope they can make it before my JIM THOMPSON RIDE on 14th August.

9th August 2011 - call from KSH
Yeap called and said the new shifter is here!