Sunday, June 5, 2011

SRAM XX vs. XO Shifter (updated 4/8/2011)

to remove the cover of the XO shifter, you just need to turn the "impulse" and its very loose. XX you need a special tools to remove.

the different

inside the XO shifter

actual weight of XO shifter - 1 side - cut wire to fit my bike

SRAM website claimed 232g per pair = 116g per side

SRAM claimed XX shifter weight - 183g per pair = 91.5g per piece

actual weight per piece - uncut wire brand new

If XO = 232g per pair minus XX 183g = 49g so I should be saving this amount of weight but right now I only saved 18g for RM750/ USD250 invested :(

If you ask me what's the diff between these two shifter, they are:
1) effortless shifting
2) XX can only use with 2x10 setting
3) look - carbon cover for XX
4) both can use matchmaker

24 July 2011 -PCC Prez 2011
- Almost reaching the check point 2 my right/ rear XX shifter failed. Unable to shift at all and end up DNF my ride. :(

The same day had the shifter removed and passed to KSH directly for claim/ repair.

3rd August 2011 - call from KSH
They ask me to bring back the other side (front FD) shifter ASAP for full claim instead of repairing it as I was told that SRAM shifter has this problem on all their SRAM trigger shift.

I hope they can make it before my JIM THOMPSON RIDE on 14th August.

9th August 2011 - call from KSH
Yeap called and said the new shifter is here!


BrewYet said...

When you say "effortless shifting", do you mean that the XX Shifts better. I am looking at getting the x0 or XX and If there is a different feel on the shifting I'd like to get the XX, but if its just a full carbon X0, I'm not too worried about the weight.

Also I like the post, good write up. Although I see that the shifter was giving problems. Keep us updated.

project3 aka Kennie said...


yes shifting is much better and smoother even now after 1 month plus i had the xx shifter.

I would recommend straight to xx. I have used both and i know. :P

BrewYet said...

As a follow up I got the XX shifters. I upgraded from x9's. And the shifting is alot more crisper, and the throw is shorter. I thought I would use the adjustable lever position a little more, but I found the angle I liked best isn't far from the stock setting. I am glad I upgraded and went straight XX.