Wednesday, June 15, 2011


the weight of 64pcs alu nipples. RM1.20 per piece.

the weight for 2pcs tubeless valve RM25 each

this will be my new setup but unfortunately the website does not have MMX Podium rims options. 1391g minus 42g x 2 (Apline is 330g and MMX is 288g per piece) = 1307g

my current wheelset = 1475g

1475g - 1307g = 168g saving

MMX Podium is wider comparing to Apline and some said MMX feels like a tabular like road bike - I wonder hows it feels.

the weapon soon to be review!

The weight of the Alpine is 330g per piece and the Podium MMX is 288g. Bought is at TBFS @ RM750/ USD250 per pair without the yellow tape. Will only be using it after my current tires worn out.

"The Podium is a race only wheel and should be used that way. I have talked with Stan directly about this after a semi local shop to me was selling them as everyday use wheels. He told me if the wheel is used as a "do it all" wheel do not expect it to last much longer then a year. I know that there are people out there that are using them as everyday wheels but if it me I would take the small weight penalty and go with the Alpine rim."

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