Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SRAM PG1070 vs. XG1080

Weight of SRAM PG1070 10speed cassettes @ RM230

Weight of sram XG1080 10speed cassettes @ RM580

Cassetter lock ring weight from XG1080

The numbers of small components from PG1070 - see properly and count it!

now compare

view from both of the cassettes

Now if I were to compare with 9speed/ 10speed cassette (SRAM):

9 speed SRAM PG990 304g (RM230)
- PG990 = X9
10 speed SRAM PG1070 358g (RM230) - PG1070 = X7
10 speed SRAM XG1080 237g (RM580)- PG1080 = X9/ XO?!?!
10 speed SRAM XG1099 (208g) 11-36 (RM990) - PG1099 = XX

I'm going to compare 9 speed with 10 speed cassette, the price vs. grade! for RM200 range,if you are using 9 speed you can get a SRAM PG990 X9 grade but if you are using 10 speed, RM200 you can only get x7 grade.

The weight never come into my mind as a consideration. 10speed cassette has an extra speed so the extra weight does make sense.

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BrewYet said...

I keep coming back to this blog.

So hows the performance 1070 vs 1080. I've always heard the shifting on the XX cassette was great, and the 1080 isn't that far from the XX.