Sunday, August 21, 2011

not all chain lube are the same!

the chain lube I tested!

this photo was taken immediately I drop 2 drops onto each circle

this photo was taken 5 minutes later

Motorex Wet Lube
- Messy, hard to squeeze. Tip not fine enough. Lube it the night before the ride and next day my floor is full of the lube. Place my bike on top of my car and when reach the destination can see some oil stain on my car roof. After the ride can see the chain is still very shinny with oil.

Finish Line - Dry lube
- so far so good. No complain. I tried to drip a few drops on my finger and not the very oily feel. Clean and will not attract dirt.
- after 1 day the surface of the paper is will very sticky

Pedros GO!
- Exactly the same as Finish Line - Dry lube.
- very smooth when i place a drop on my finger

Finish Line Wet Lube

- almost the same as Motorex but will not mess the floor. I guess it will still stick on the chain.

Finish Line Wax
- after 1 day the surface feels sticky, but not as sticky as Finish Line Dry Lube.
- smudge on paper immediately

Park Tool CL1
- Synthetic Blend Chain Lube with PTFE
- works great in wet or dry conditions.

- Also work great on cables, spoke nipples, and derailleur and brake pivots

- very thing feels the same like Redline dry lube.
- smudge on paper immediately and smudge the most compares to others

Muc-off dry lube
- Put a few drop in my fingers and rub them. Few seconds its gone! Dont event need to wash my hand.
- paper surface after a day crumple just like a water on the paper
- will smudge even the ink!
- dam paper

Pedros SynLube
-You can get it in KL now but some people said they got it from KSH TTDI. Called all the LBS and no one is selling it now. Email Pedros and I can only get it in Singapore.

Synlube - Fully synthetic lubricant designed to handle the harshest conditions. Formulated with extreme pressure additives, corrosion inhibitors, and tackifiers to provide wear protection, lubrication, and staying power in extreme wet and muddy conditions


BrewYet said...

I've always used white lighting. Probably the same as Finish line wax. The same company owns both now and I think they kept white lighting around for their name here in the US.

I've switched to Rock-N-Roll pro gold and it is awesome. You have to put it on the night before to allow it to cure. Lasts longer then white lighting and keeps the chain just as clean.

I live on the gulf coast, and we have sandy and dusty trails. Dry lubes don't work for us because after a ride your chain has layer of dirt on it.

project3 aka Kennie said...

my country do not have any dealer for rock and roll and a LBS do have white lighting.