Tuesday, September 30, 2008

building shots!

some photoshop work to share!
pin cushion - before!

before - the building feels like going to collapse

waited for the sun direction to fall on the building. 3.30pm.
The challenge of taking these photos is the time and the wheather! All photos was took at Last Sunday 28 Sept start at 2pm. 4pm it rains.

The timing is important as you need to know which direction of the sun is shinning to the location that you want to shoot!

Still in progress anyway!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


PCC ride at RRI. Started at 8.30am and end about 11am.

1st obstacle

peter shh....

Mr. Solaris and Lei Peng

the beginning

arriving at the top of the water tank

boyz having fun

Frankie Yap - "TEAM A" - bring along a 325ml bottle - without water


Brenda - if I remember correctly

Guan having fun

Mr. Solaris - everytime say cannot cannot but still can finish one!


New comer - Ah Wah "TEAM A"

out from the jungle and back

Finally Ah Meng - no wonder so slow

Nick - picking the right spot to rest only - "not accident"

5 sec to climb up :)

mosquito bike only

Friend from Japan

melalukan "TEAM A" only


Frankie - let Brenda show you

my fav. shot

rest stop while waiting for the other group

on the right - Patrick

wah! he's better than "TEAM A" leader

lady. see I also can do it


The reward after the ride - the white coffee - not the cig.

total distance at RRI = 18km est.

total distance from BU = 29km

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pre-wedding photos - the making

1st cut.

Video above is compressed as 3GPP. For better quality please view at my youtube here - compressed at H.264

I was asked to edit a video - the making of a wedding. The video was shot by a person who doesnt know about videography. When I view the footages from the video cam I notice this clips was shot with NTSC cam - NTSC indicate at the LCD screen. On top of that the quality of the clips is very poor due to the miniDV tape has been use for many many times until countless. In between the footages I can see the previous clips. Top to of that the lens is dirty. I still take up this job and see what I can do with it.

I was told to edit from 40 mins to 5 mins and still waiting for the person to pass me the song. Suppose to be 120mins from 2 tapes but the editing software doesnt allow me to transfer the 2nd tape.

During transfering the editing software showing drop frames. So alot of footages cannot be use.

You also notice the clips has been threated with color enhancing. So this what I can come out. Deleted alot of "blair witch" style.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

3rd TOA Fellowship

Yesterday 6pm four of us started warm up session before bowling.
Peow in action whele Reuben is watching

Jimmy White wannabe

after the bowling another match - arm wrestling

see the winner here!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kiara without PCC

Today ride - Sunday 20th Sept only four of us – Ron, Nick, Meng and me. We did not join PCC to Broga - 35km as I was working from 6pm till 11.30pm at Price Hotel for wedding photography. Sunday noon also need to go shooting of some buildings for an architect firm. Nick start to loose focusing as he just bought a LCD screen with PS3. Ron and Meng i think also got poison liao.

The ride start at 8.15am till 10am covers about 9km. We did the 2k, ride up to 'Tokong' and finally down to Carnival.

Our new starting point at kiara Ride. got white coffee for RM2 (a bit dilute)

Thats Ron. First appearance on my blog. Eldest and most senior in the team.

Nick is checking on Ron's bike. Single speed in front ler!!!

Meng is getting ready for the downhill!!!

thats Ah Meng AKA Logan Lim

One big family

Finally over. Finish at Carnival all bikers can wash their bikes for FOC

this time got provide brush sommore. With Brush can easily rub off the mud at the tires rather than keep spraying water - waste of water. Thank you to the brush provider.

Wedding shot @ Prince Hotel

Wedding shot for Irene and Raymond at Prince Hotel 20th Sept 2008.

No photos but got souvenir from there. I was using 'the studio' memory card and have to return to them at the end of the event. Will ask from them few photos for portfolio. All the photos was shot with Nikon 17-55mm f2.8 DX lens on D300 with either ISO 800, 1600 or 3200. Next day right hand was muscle pain, carrying the 2kg camera (D300, SB-800, 17-55mm f2.8, 4 pcs batt, MB-D10 Multi-Power Battery Pack, aka vertical grip and 1 pc EN-EL3e batt) for 5 hours.

I also found out that both Sandisk Ultra and trancends 1 GB CF card give different number of frame that I can shot. I have formatted both of the cards using the camera. If not mistaken with Sandisk I can take 130 shots and with Trancends I can take 170 shots. 40 frames different. Both card using the same frame resolution and same pixel quality. funnie!

This event I found out that the MB-D10 vertical grip shutter release button is super sensitive.

D300. Changing the ISO setting is very fast which is on the left dial but not easy to access to the ISO noise reduction level , few options for noise reducing and there are OFF, LOW, NORMAL and HI.

SB-800. No issue at all but the GP rechargeable battery wont last anymore like last time. Luckily got Maha Powerex as spare.

And finally the Nikon 17-55mm f2.8 DX. Cant evaluate the sharpness of the lens as I don’t have any photos to see. Non. But the only comments are very silent (SWM engine), very fast focusing and freaking heavy, 700g ++. Talk about this lens another disadvantage of this lens is a waste to use it on a D700. DX lens crop factor is x1.5 and D700 – full frame :)