Sunday, September 7, 2008

PCC @ Kajang - Semenyih,Prison Loop 7 Sept 2008

Time start : 8:20am. Ride distance: 25km. Time finish : 11.30am

The first rest stop

more riders coming

Mr. Titus Motolite

more ladies riders now



and teenage boy - he completed like everyone did!

check point

Mr. Lim and his son. Wanna say thank you for the breakfast.

"don't let me overtake you"

Ah Meng turn back see if got any luck to find his RM1K Oakley Ti glasses.

The stop before the climb

CGK looking at the hill - easy for him.

tumpang! lazy to unclip

check point after the climb

view from the top

the "toppest" point

ah meng's bike

Alvin and his oxygen!


last check point - finishing, just wait for the others and will be going home.

while waiting for Peter the sweeper and the rest others checking this bike.

bike park - not car park yet till we move the bike

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