Monday, September 8, 2008

hello! got XT cassette?

Last Saturday 6th Sept call almost all the bike shop around klang valley to look for 9 speed cassette (XT M770 is my first option due to the cost follow by SRAM PG-990 follow by XTR M970). Last hope is SLX HG80 and nono to others. These are the conversation between me and the bike shop people. You will know their pattern one and their stock availability!

First in my mind is to call Bike Pro but they only open at 11am. Bike Pro sure got one. KSH TTDI comes 2nd – they might have and their things selling like hot cake. Others just try.

Shimano XT CS-M770


Sequence order of calling bike shop

TBfooksang – first to call cuz they are open at 9am

Project3: Hello I want to check if you have any XT cassette?
Yoong : wah… long time no stock already but stock coming in next week
Project3: how about SRAM?
Yoong: also not stock
Project3: I wonder how much is the new XT will cost for the next delivery?
Yoong: er… about RM1XX I think. I got SLX
Project3: ok will call back next week and check for XT.
Yoong: ok bye
Project3: ok thank you

conclusion: like I said this shop open the earliest so can try. Friendly and helpful and will suggest you alternate option.

KSH TTDI – sure got stock but which one only - someone pick up about 1040a.m

Leong: Hello KSH!
Project3: (recognize is Ah Leong voice) Leong got any 9 speed cassette?
Leong: now no stock but stock coming in next week
Project3: ok next week I call again
Leong: who’s on the like ah?
Project3: Kenny
Leong: “shui chai” (BAD BOY)
Project3: oklah I will call back next week, bye
Leong: bye

conclusion: either they have stock, or low in stock and even no stock. If no stock they will say stock coming soon or next week. Next week call again sure no stock one but next next or next next next weeks sure got stock one.

KSH Taman Bahagia – see any luck

Project3: Hello Ben please.
Mr.A : Ben just step out! (about 10.30am and the voice over the phone sound like Hubert)
Project3: Do you have Shimano XT M770 cassette
Mr.A: don’t have
Project3: how about XTR?
Mr.A: don’t have
Project3: SRAM?
Mr.A: also don’t have
Project3: ok thank you

conclusion: everytime call sure dont have replacement parts one but got expensive parts like Control Tech and Chris King Hubs.

Bike World – might have stock

Project3: Hello Nathan, got any 9 speed cassette?
Nathan : got
Project3: what u have ah?
Nathan: I only have SRAM
Project3: How much?
Nathan: that one …. er… RM2XX
Project3: ok good see you later
Nathan: ok bye

conclusion: Either Nathan have stock or dont have. Not much of replacement part and accessories but surprisingly he got SRAM.


Bike Pro – sure got one but dunno which one! Call at 11.30 plus

Project3: Hello Boon Foo please
Mr.A : Boon Fooooo…. Errrrr. … wait ah….. (10 sec) can you call back later he’s busy
Project3: I just want to check stock and price
Mr.A: can you call back later …
Project3: okok!

20mins later

Project3: Hello Boon Foo please
Mr.A : hold on!
Boon Foo: Hello good morning
Project3: Hello Boon Foo good morning. I wonder you got stock for any 9 speed cassette
Boon Foo: Bro … I got XT and SRAM!!!
Project3: wah! How much for XT M770?
Boon Foo: its RM1XX
Project3: your best price ler?
Boon Foo: best already bro
Project3: how about SRAM PG-990
Boon Foo: that one I have
Project3: so whats the price?
Boon Foo: this one expensive lah bro cuz I take stock from someone.
Project3: so whats the price?
Boon Foo: the best price is RM2XX
Project3: best price ler?
Boon Foo: best already lah bro
Project3: great I will see you later!
Boon Foo: alrite bro bye
Project3: bye

conclusion: chances very high. If dont have this sure got another options. Price quote is fix. No nego at all.

Last to call

Heehong Cycle – just try see if can get cheaper

Project3: Hello Siang got XT 9 speed cassette
Siang : long time no stock liao
Project3: others?
Siang : I got SRAM PG-990 and last two unit
Project3: how much?
Siang : RM2XX
Project3: okok. Thank you

conclusion: stock 50/50 but good service.


Shimano XT 11-32 M770 is 256g/ SRAM PG-990 11-34 is 305g

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