Sunday, September 28, 2008


PCC ride at RRI. Started at 8.30am and end about 11am.

1st obstacle

peter shh....

Mr. Solaris and Lei Peng

the beginning

arriving at the top of the water tank

boyz having fun

Frankie Yap - "TEAM A" - bring along a 325ml bottle - without water


Brenda - if I remember correctly

Guan having fun

Mr. Solaris - everytime say cannot cannot but still can finish one!


New comer - Ah Wah "TEAM A"

out from the jungle and back

Finally Ah Meng - no wonder so slow

Nick - picking the right spot to rest only - "not accident"

5 sec to climb up :)

mosquito bike only

Friend from Japan

melalukan "TEAM A" only


Frankie - let Brenda show you

my fav. shot

rest stop while waiting for the other group

on the right - Patrick

wah! he's better than "TEAM A" leader

lady. see I also can do it


The reward after the ride - the white coffee - not the cig.

total distance at RRI = 18km est.

total distance from BU = 29km

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