Thursday, September 4, 2008

M.U.D.D vs. KLD

Already took leave. Going to MATTA Fair this coming Friday to book an accomodation and Im ready to go - 60km of Cameron Highlands M.U.D.D. (Mountain Bike Until Drop Dead)

Today 5th Sept 2008 received information about KLD (Kuala Lumpur Downtown) . Aiyah now dunno which one to go. Both event clash at the same time.

17th - 19th October 2008

Nikon D70

Nikon D70

Nikon D70

M.U.D.D From PCC

Since no one actually drop dead last year riding the MNS/BOH to Pos Terisu route, we’ve decided to add another 7 kilometers (of tarmac) and to reverse the loop!

Of course, there’s good reason to reverse the ride. Instead of ending at Sekolah Pos Terisu and staying the night over, which is a logistical nightmare, riders will now end the ride where they started ie: MNS/BOH Chalets.

So going by that, the ride will be broken up into three phases.

Phase 1: The warm up.
Ride from MNS/BOH Chalet to the BOH Tea House. Here, the riders and bicycles will be transported to Batu 49 Junction, after the town of Tringkap.

Phase 2: The Ride
Riders will ride the 7km tarmac to Sekolah Pos Terisu. This is the added 7km. From the school, we’ll descend sharply to Big River where we’ll have a major regroup. A couple of hundred meters after Big River is the last clear stream for a water refill. Filtration device recommended! From Big River, we expect to reach metal bridge crossing where we had our lunch break last year just before lunch. We’ll have another break and regroup here.

Then we’ll carry on to Pos Telanuk. Why is this place special? 1st, it’s lunchbreak. 2nd It’s the lowest point of the ride at a mere 700feet. So far the ride has been roughly 80% downhill with a massive net elevation loss of
3300feet. (4000ft at Bt 49, 700 feet at Pos Telanuk)

Which means only one thing, a long slow grind up to the MNS/Boh Chalet sitting at lofty at 4250 feet. Pray for overcast skies because it’s payback time!

Phase 3: Payback
Er, um, ah. You know what this means. More than 3300 feet of climbing. We expect the last rider to be in at MNS/Boh Chalet at 4pm.

What’s the deal?
To secure the entire MNS/Boh premises for two nights, pay for transportation of bikes and participants to Bt. 49 junction and to supply the post ride food binge, we’re charging RM100 per head. Cheap holiday la.

Places are limited. So, put your name on the list, preferably with your entrance fee of RM100.

Who to call?
Get in touch with James 012-3458204/Peter 012-2274443 to let PCC know you are coming.

Dates are confirmed on October 17-19th, 2008. For those who can go earlier, please take leave on Friday. Otherwise, there will be another group leaving after work on 17th itself. PLEASE REGISTER EARLY AS IT IS LIMITED TO 40 BEDS IN THE CHALETS.


Guess who will be there as well????
Yes, we have confirmed the attendance of these top three guys....

Steve Peat - Santa Cruz Syndicate (7 years Reigning King of Red Bull Downtown Portugal)

Josh Bryceland - Santa Cruz Syndicate (2008 Junior World Champ)

Cedric Gracia - Commencal Oakley (tell me who doesn't know him)

Event Category & Itinerary

Here are the categories:

1. Men Elite (Professional and Current National or State Rider)

2. Men Open (18 years old and above)

3. Women Open (18 years old and above)

4. Men Master (30 years old and above)

5. Men Junior (17 years old and below)

17 October 2008 - Official Training

All participants must have at least two official practice run to enter qualifying run. (No private training is allowed before official training day)

18 October 2008 - Qualifying day

Top 30 participants from each category with the fastest time will qualify for final event. (Only 150 participants will qualify for final)

19 October 2008 - Event Day

Final Run

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