Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pre-wedding photos - the making

1st cut.

Video above is compressed as 3GPP. For better quality please view at my youtube here - compressed at H.264

I was asked to edit a video - the making of a wedding. The video was shot by a person who doesnt know about videography. When I view the footages from the video cam I notice this clips was shot with NTSC cam - NTSC indicate at the LCD screen. On top of that the quality of the clips is very poor due to the miniDV tape has been use for many many times until countless. In between the footages I can see the previous clips. Top to of that the lens is dirty. I still take up this job and see what I can do with it.

I was told to edit from 40 mins to 5 mins and still waiting for the person to pass me the song. Suppose to be 120mins from 2 tapes but the editing software doesnt allow me to transfer the 2nd tape.

During transfering the editing software showing drop frames. So alot of footages cannot be use.

You also notice the clips has been threated with color enhancing. So this what I can come out. Deleted alot of "blair witch" style.

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