Friday, September 12, 2008

Fractions - One Big Family

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After I draw this diagram you will notice is not so complicated anymore. Tried to explain to my friends and they said they understand but their forehead giving me the sign of lost!!!

How it started is I was cycling with ah Meng until one day he asked Boon to come along to cycle and found out ...

One find day Ah Boon approached me at my home and said "is Joanne Kok your collegue?" Boon said "she's my classmate too" and we are all graduates from LICT/ LUCT.

Boon used to mtbike also but now "pak tor" with my younger sister, so the excuses is no time and working.

So now Me, Nick, Ron, Meng are one big cycling every weekend. What a small world!


June said...'s complicated...

Shoeaholic said...

hahaha... abit lor... same surname, no relative connection. diff surname, got relative connection!