Monday, September 1, 2008


During the long weekend did not travel to anywhere but went window shipping at Sungai Wang, Pavillion and 1u plus makan.

the bar of Jarrod & Rawlins 1U. Shot with Nikon D300. Saturday Night.

Nikon D300, ISO 1600 noise reduction: high

mixed grill. Total bill for two persons meal with drinks only RM70.

English Breakfast at Coffee Bean Sunday morning. Canon G9 ISO80.

very western since last night meal at Jarrod and Rawlins. Canon G9 ISO80.

Sunday Night. Enuf of western food. This time is Thai - can eat spicy since Monday no riding.

The time is about 6.30pm and almost full with people.

The first dish - no so spicy

Follow by Kangkong Belacan -- abit spicy

tomyam seafood soup - wah kinda pedas - already request dont want pedas but...

Ikan Pari

This is crab! Why look at me like dat!

and the bills. The next day "pangsai" like hell. Never indicate the tomyam soap dont want so spicy...

Window shopping end up like this. All from one shop. cheesin!!! broke back!

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