Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kiara without PCC

Today ride - Sunday 20th Sept only four of us – Ron, Nick, Meng and me. We did not join PCC to Broga - 35km as I was working from 6pm till 11.30pm at Price Hotel for wedding photography. Sunday noon also need to go shooting of some buildings for an architect firm. Nick start to loose focusing as he just bought a LCD screen with PS3. Ron and Meng i think also got poison liao.

The ride start at 8.15am till 10am covers about 9km. We did the 2k, ride up to 'Tokong' and finally down to Carnival.

Our new starting point at kiara Ride. got white coffee for RM2 (a bit dilute)

Thats Ron. First appearance on my blog. Eldest and most senior in the team.

Nick is checking on Ron's bike. Single speed in front ler!!!

Meng is getting ready for the downhill!!!

thats Ah Meng AKA Logan Lim

One big family

Finally over. Finish at Carnival all bikers can wash their bikes for FOC

this time got provide brush sommore. With Brush can easily rub off the mud at the tires rather than keep spraying water - waste of water. Thank you to the brush provider.

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