Monday, September 15, 2008

continue from my previous post here about my early Christmas wish.

My Christmas wish present is coming! Instead of the item sending through international post, now I can send the item to VPOST office at State and they will send to Malaysia at cheaper rate.

What happen is that if I send the item from Amazon using international posting it will cost me abour USD35. Now with Vpost I can send the item to Vpost office at Portland but you have to sign up as member at Vpost. And Vpost will send the item to me at cheaper rate - about SG dollar 7. And if you are HSBC member you get another 10% off. Plus Vpost currently is having a promotion and another 10% off!!!

I like this one!

this one also not bad!

this one can also. arghhh... which one ler?

finally placed order already!!!


Shoeaholic said...

no wonder ppl ask me got anything to buy from amazon or not... online shopping kononya!!! kakakaka!!! so which one you bought ah??? Tiger ah??

project3 aka Kennie said...

you will know soon! remember next time if wan to buy things from amazon consult me. dont use their international post. freaking expensive!!!