Tuesday, August 26, 2008

House vs. Car

Was eying on this house, actually a semi-D builed near my current house, 1 minutes walk. The land was empty for 25 years plus and some developer build 8 units of these house and completed about 2 months ago. Taught of selling off my current house but after calculate ... not possible. Have to pay off the bank load of this new house before I retire.

last unit left. Called up and the price is ... RM1.5mil woh!

side view of the house - can see KL city.

or maybe wait for this - Honda City 2009

rear - look like BMW

dashboard - a bit look like Vios

steering look like Civic

may this one. After calculate 5 years loan, downpayment, 2.5%, every month have to pay RM1.8K

Ok go back to sleep and continue to dream - "Believe"

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