Monday, August 11, 2008

PCC Ride @ Kemensah

It drizzle when we about to start at 8am plus. Today ride only Nick, Ron, Francis and Me plus other riders. At the first climb we saw a scorpion, first time I saw it outside the cage and walking in the wild jungle. After the first break and on the way downhill my hanger broke. The sweeper, Patrick help me to cut the chain and turn into single speed. Thanks to Patrick and Simon all the help and sorry for the oil and dirt from the chain. We took a short ride home which is all the way downhill. Not really enjoying the downhill session as I had my rear shock lock to avoid the chain jumping to the lower gear.

270m above sea level.

Rob Bike and the small climb. My Hanger broke there.

Who said you need all the gadget and hi end thing to ride. This uncle only wearning normal tee and short, no shock both front and rear but still can complete all his ride with us. Respect!!!

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June said...

The photo of the "270m above sea level" is nice! Like the bamboo curve line!