Sunday, August 24, 2008

fishing at spa?

emmm... quite some time never go fishing liao with my fishing kakis ever since their wife is pregnant. After pregnant have to take care of baby.

Last sunday not riding so went to Kenko Fishspa at Pavillion. It cost RM38 for half a hour and if you buy 10 coupon it cost only RM30 only.

You have to wash your leg before you dip into the water. For guy better to wear short pants and for female better dont wear skirt. Their will give you a card and you have to touch the card at the sensor - just like touch n go card and the timer will start.

Immediately when you dip your leg into the water the fishes start approaching you. 'Wahlau dam geli'... thats why never in my life I go to any spa. This is my first time let the fishes to kiss kiss my legs. Cant image if I go for the full body version. Maybe their room for the full body fish spa massage got sound proof!!! It feels like electrocuted. They are not shy and friendly. They can never stop biting you and watch out for the bigger size one... kekeke kakaka ohohohoh....

Try not to stay at the same spot. Move to another section if can!!! FYI you are require to turn off your mobile and remain silent!!!

You will also be given a face size towel. You can use it to wipe the wet floor or you use it to hold your laughter but make sure you dont use it together - wipe the floor and biting it to hold the shiok!!! : ) At the end you will use it to dry your feet.

Well overall its a good experience. Personally I dont see any different but you feel more relax after the excitement from the bite bite. I will let the photos and video the speak now. All photos are shot with Canon G9.

the entrance to Kenko Fishspa

Once you enter you can see this from a side view.

photo was taken after 15mins - the fishes already tired i guess.

I move to another spot. Wahlau ... you guys never eat breakfast this morning kah!!! cont giggling... keke kaka oooo he...

close up shot! on the right side the fish is not a dead fish but kissing - the side way where your head have to turn a bit...

Maybe this is her style.

After the spa session walked over to Sungai Wang Plaza for lunch at Esquire Kitchen - the specialties - 'Siew Loong Pao'.

Have not seen this for quite some times. The cup holder.

DV when back to Gelato again for more ice-cream. That's Christine - friend from UK.

Watch the video here!

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