Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oldman Kopitiam

A newly open Kopitiam @ Kolam Ayer Ampang Jaya - Above MaxValue supermarket called Oldman Kopitiam. My friend told me to check out this restaurant especially the logo.

The logo look like Starbucks.

The environment

So I ordered a Tomyam meehoon and the price is about RM7. It comes in a hotpot. I didnt take any photos as there are not many people around and plenty of working staff walking here and there ensure everything is ok - clean and tidy. One of the waiter deliver the drink that time said please give comments after you have try the food but I didn't. Not very happy with my meal.

My comments is the food but not the drink. The drink price is reasonable but not the food. If the Tomyam is not spicy and hot I can finish my dinner is 5 spoons. TOO LITTLE!!! Anyway sudah naik kereta!!! Will and may go back again for the kopi but not the food plus all my friends are staying at this area so come out yamcha and tokcock also easy for everyone. Plenty of parking also. Anyway still have to check out this restaurant as there are not much of food in Ampang area.

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