Sunday, July 27, 2008


ALL PHOTOS BELOW ARE SHOT WITH CANON G9. Closeup shots are all in macro features. Impressive but anything above ISO400 is noisy. Click on the image to view larger but only 800x600.


Did not take any photos at kiara ride as was rushing off for 12pm lunch. We hardly had any long break and that’s why no photos were taken during the break. Today’s ride consist of only Meng, Nick, Ron and me, Wai from KSH TTDI joined us later and during the ride he had a puncture tire. I was last today because I was worry that I could not make it before 11am and have two video to cut which needs to be delivered to the client end of this month. Worry too much slow me down. Luckily we finished at 11am and hurry off back to MIL house for a quick shower and rush to Jaya – Jaya 33 for lunch to celebrate my MIL birthday.


Food was good and but we over order. For 7 adults and 2 children the bill came out at RM414 including a fish, duck, soup, some dim sum, 4 bowl of mee with big head prawn, shark fin mee and free flow of Chinese tea.


5pm after my noon nap I washed my bike and changed by bike saddle. My current Stella Italia Trans AM XO weight is 320g (alloy railing and leather cover) and the new WTB Rocket V Ti railing weight 230g @ RM230.

old saddle

times up! Been using it since my 1st bike

Miss Dusty with new WTB Pure V

using her - my pet as model and posing. Sport car use pretty girls. Bike parts use pets.

No animal was harm during the shot ya!

Ti railing

wow! 320g

another 90g off from my bike now.

don't be shy with your new pillow

Dusty new toy since I cant get her fav. toy - Energizer bunny

Waiting for opening ceremony next weekend PCC ride @ RRI

Also tried to figure out my new Topeak Wirelsss Paroma V12 mini cycle computer. Cant seem to detach the wheel spin. ARRGGGHH!!!

Since I took out the weighing machine to weight the saddle I also weight the two brand of tube, Kenda and Cheng Shin. I found out that Cheng Shin is 10g lighter. Among MTBikers I do know Cheng Shin is more popular because of the valve head is better. Read more from fakawitribe forum.



And More FOOD

In the evening had dinner with my Mr. We bought a book about food and where to hunt for food in Klang Valey. I guess my blog will have more photos and review about food. Argh… don’t want to talk about food now as im still suffering from this afternoon over order food where I have to stuff to finished it. Again the food was good but towards the end is like MUST finish it. blek!

ngek ngek ngek!!! disturbing Miss. Dusty

More photos can view here

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