Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Canon G9 macro

Nothing to do at nite suppose to deliver a video work to client but client also having dinner with another client so pospone. When over to Heehongcycle for chit-chat tokcock and reached home at 8.30pm.

After Dinner I tried on macro shot. Click on the photos to view at bigger size but only 800x600 ya!

This camera doesnt allow you to take macro shot in you try to zoom - meaning that it has to be at the minimum focal length or without any zoom. In this case the lens is almost touching the coin. Still can go closer but the shadow from the lens will fall on the coin. Without macro mode turn on I cant take this shot. 1/30, f2.8, ISO100, AWB, Macro.

After running in and out of my bedroom and study table looking for anything I can shot, touching my dusty things on my working table - I snap this photo instead. A bit shaky - only one hand holding the camera. ISO 400, 1/40, F2.8 AWB, Macro

Oklah since nothing special to shoot. Need to bring this camera shoot something at outdoor and something more creative. As usual my happy hour at night with Doritos OF CUZ I WASHED MY HAND WITH SOAP!!! 1/50, F2.8, ISO 1600, AWB, Macro.

Overall Canon G9 macro shot is fantastic. Just that I dont have any nice subject to shoot that night but take a look at the photo below - texture.


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