Wednesday, July 9, 2008

EPIC ride and post EPIC ride

Photo was taken after the ride (29th June at Ulu Rening) and took me 1 hour to wash and clean up the bike. We finish loop 1 at 12.30pm and we decided not to continue with loop 2 cuz superly muddy and chain suck. After cleaning and packing we go for Ulu Yam famous Loh Mee. 2pm we leave Ulu Yam and travel back to KL. Stuck in a jam at Ulu Klang for one hour because of some bridge work. Drop Ah Meng back to his apartment and rush home. By the time kaotim everything already 5pm.

More Epic ride photo can be view here¬ag=1

The following weekend (Sunday 5th July) while riding at Kiara (did not take any photos) as I was not in the mood cuz my bike giving some problem - funnie sound coming from the frame. That time i suspect my seatpost need some lube or maybe the BB need some cleaning etc. That night went to my regular bike shot and took my seatpost for some greese but when i reach home and put the seatpost back to the frame still the sound coming from the frame and immediately call up the bike shop and ask them to wait for me before they are close.

Have to leave my bike at the bike shop as they are close every Monday. Tuesday 8th July call up and check the progress and according to Ah Yoong from Heehong ( still got sound after tighten up all the screw, BB service, replace another pedal, chain cleaning etc etc!!! wahlan sian liao!!!

Ah Yoong suggested to remove all the bearing (FYI im riding a All Mountain bike with 3 pivot point). That night after work rush to the bike shop and see whats going on. Ah Yoong Show me all the bearing and they are all worn out. Total of 6 small bearing model/ size 608 and 2 bigger one 6903RS. All the smaller one hardly cant turn/ spin anymore. He suggested to replace all the bearing since already remove it and charge me one time for the labour. So ok loh I call up Ah Meng - aka Santa Cruz Heckler delivery boi see if got any extra bearing.

Delivery boi deliver 6pcs SFK bearing
The next day - 9th July Ah Meng delivered the 6 pcs small bearing to ah Yoong and that evening i delivered another 2 bearing - the bigger one and cost me RM30 per piece SKF bearing x 2pcs. sian!!!

I reached Heehong at 7.15pm and immediately ask ah Yoong to fix the bearing see if still got the metal rubbing sound. 8pm done! ready the test my bike... Siang did the test and... TNS, MCH, HKC, HKS!!! still got that funnie metal rubbing sound.

Siang suspect maybe the rear wheel or my newly install Hope Pro 2 hub. So he test with another wheel and ... the funnie sound gone!!! Ah Yoong was cursing "Hope hub so fast koyak kah"!!!

I Dunno what to do and that time already 8.30pm. I still cant believe is the hub producing the funnie sound. I ask them to use back my rear wheel but use another QR or skewer. Another test. Surprisingly the funnie metal rubbish sound is gone!!! All the while the sound is coming from my Titanium QR. FUNNIE!!!

Finally Siang use back my Ti QR with my own wheelset and greese the QR - the sound gone!!!

The trouble Maker - Ti QR

Tonight 10th July collecting my bike for this coming weekend ride with PCC - Kajang Prison.

Home Sweet Home

Now the bike is home. My mum favourite cloth drying hanging spot!!!

Like to Thanks Ah Meng for the bearing, Ah Yoong and Siang for staying till 8.30pm plus. You can visit their website at

11th July 2008
Its not over. The sound is back!!! this time not because of the Ti QR.

coming to 1 week and still cant solve my problem.

when pedal hard especially hill climbing or accelerate there is a sound coming from the bike. I have inspect, clean the bb, proper chain wash and degrease the cassette , tighten all screw at seatpost, greese the seatpost, change to another pedal and replace all pivot bearing and im still getting the NGEK NGEK sound coming from the rear.

I suspect the sound is coming from my 2 months old HOPE PRO II hub. When i replace the rear wheel with another rear wheelset the sound dissapear. When i put back my own wheel set the sound also gone. when i leave the bike overnite the next day the sound will come back!!! i have replace with 3 QR the still the same. PLEASE HELP.
Possible because of the HOPEless hub?

will call boon foo later see if can claim if the hub is causing problem. but with part of the hub causing the NGEK NGEK sound when pedal hard? bike rolling and pushing no sound!

Bike Pro to the Rescue
14th July. Send my bike back to Bike Pro as Heehong confirmed is coming from the hub after transfer my wheel to another softtail bike still got the NGEK NGEK sound. Lim did a new test to the adapter but ... finally decided to open up the HOPE hub. Found out that one of the bearing was rusty. Clean, degrease and regrease and DONE!!!

Thanks to Lim and Joe for all the help and advise. Advise is never have your bike dip inside the water which i never did but somehow the water from the rain at EPIC ride got into the hub that causing all the problem.

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Joe said...

Thanks for sending me this link, Kenny. Judging from the amount of mud on the bike, I think the water must have got in when you were cleaning the bike and accidentally sprayed water into the hub bearings.