Sunday, July 20, 2008

BEEzee Weekend

Been working every Saturday since 14th June and 19th July Saturday after work rush home to take a noon nap cuz in the evening need to take a wedding shot at Bankers Club at Amoda KL. The event ended at 11.30pm and rush home for next morning Batu Dam ride with PCC at 8am morning.

Next morning 20th July almost late for early breakfast before the ride. The breakfast for this morning is Tosai and Nescafe ice. No more American breakfast. Read my last Sunday post here

When we reached Batu Dam front gate and everyone was there. My gang was the last with Peter Nomad the sweeper.

Not much of leeches this time. Not even a single leeches craw into my leg. The only break that we have is at the mini waterfall for about 20 mins. After the break my riding gang (Nick, Ron, Guan and me) are the first few to start and continue another 8km back to the carpark. Two Ah Moh was ahead of us. Peter told us to becareful as there is a bees at the falling trees.

Guan was infront of me follow by Nick and Ron. When I pass the falling trees, actually look more like a falling of a big tree braches, I was stung by bees - ON MY LEFT ASS. Actually not exactly at the ass but thigh (upper "yai pei"). Guan got stung by 5 bees and Ron got 6. Nick was lucky didnt get any. Immediately I need the pain on my left leg and cold sweat.

wah!!! banyak gatal here!!!

We continue with the trails and another 6km we will reach to the carpark area. Guan was infont of me. It was a downhill trails and I wasnt really enjoying it cuz the pain at my ass. I saw Rob's bike and I stop and see what happen. He was chopping down bushes to open up a new trails. Me, Ron, Nick another PCC members spend about 1hr to explore a new trails. Rob was leading the new trail. Other head back to the carpark.

After reaching a river Rob kind of lost in direction. We decided to follow the river and finally we found the trails that lead of back to the carpark.

Rob asking Ron for direction. hehe jokin...

Reached home about 2.30pm and unpack all the gears. 6.30pm dad call for dinner. At 6pm I rush to see doctor after asking Siang from Heehong bike shop should I see a doctor cuz he and ah meng kena before at RRI. At least 15 stings each of them.

Reached home after the dinner at Robson Height - Restaurant Siu Siu. And was fall asleep at 9.30pm.

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