Monday, October 20, 2008

Tokku & Noriko Wedding Dinner

Date: 20th October 2008
Time: 7pm
Location: Las Carrestas USJ 10

I was invited by the couple for their wedding dinner at a mexican restaurant. Did not take much photos as I dont have a proper camera and the photos below are taken with my handphone camera. Kinda limited angle as I was too shy to look up opposite - Tokku place a pretty girl in front of me - low cut top, long dye hair england toking girl which is only less than 70cm from her!!! She also a bit too shy to eat her main course - which is a spare ribs.

Anyway thanks for inviting me and congrad to the newly wed couple!!!

thats Joanne - not the low cut girl im talking about!

my main dish


Suu said...

Lovely couple and a wonderful night! :)

Shoeaholic said...

Wonderful BEER and food as well! ehhehe...

project3 aka Kennie said...

simple and nice wedding also.