Friday, October 17, 2008

Zoo Negara

WOW! I think 10 years I never been to the Zoo Negara. So last Friday 17th October make a trip there. Entrance fees is RM15 for adult, parking is RM4. I remember during my secondary is about RM5. Can walk from my school to Zoo also in 10 mins max.

Nothing much change. The KFC already close down (remember last time TV got this KFC/ ZOO commercial goes like this ... welcome to the zoo, there are lots of things to do... cant remember all lah) but they have nite animal show which start at 8.30pm on weekend and P. Holiday only. Anyone wanna bring video camera will have to pay extra RM15 and for camera is FOC.

I spend 3 hours at the zoo (open at 9am) and after 12pm have to head towards Putrajaya for some building shooting. Have to do it before it rains.

All photos shot with D300 - 70-200mm.

first attraction at you enter and turn left. The welcome look


nice ripple

hey Mr. you can sit on the bench!


This is my 2nd best shot from these animal that day. Bestest one is still editing for competition submission.

This is one of my fav but not the best

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