Monday, February 9, 2009

Sepang - Bagan Lalang, Sepang Gold Cost - location scout!

arrived by scooter! :)

actually a boat house

sea sick friend can rent a smaller boat.

some jeti shot

information enough to tell what you can do at the jeti or hire a boat!

one of the most famous restaurant here. Anyway there's only two at Bagan Lalang - Sepang - 30 mins drive from Sepang F1 circuit. Got website here! Map also available! For more restaurant you need to travel another 20 mins to Sungai Pelek for chinese restaurant! From Sungai Pelek to Morib beach another 30 mins drive. And from Morib to FGS another 45mins drive.

some menu. Pick your fishes here, kerang etc and they willl cook here!

click to enlarge or visit H.M Sri Bagan website for their menu

11am already low tide. Else can pay RM3 for this spot for fishing!

The floating toilet! maybe high tide you can float and reach the 2nd level of the toilet - male!

"sai ham yue" - salted fish - i think. Here you can buy freshly catch at reasonable price but main thing is fresh! Bring a container if you wanna buy some home! From KL to here about 1 hrs drive!

a kedai runcit

nice spot to relax


drivers and parkers please do not park your car under this kind of shade!

plenty of accomodation - Sri Malaysia also got here!

have to pay one!

entrance to Sepang GoldCost - come here if you wanna buy a floating house or your wedding photos. Click here to see more of Sepang GoldCost - the inside

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