Thursday, October 1, 2009

Replacing bolts to Ti

see for yourself. RM10 per piece.

standard bolt

(left) Ti M6 bolt (right) normal steel bolt. Closest length I can get in fact the normal steel bolt is taken out from Thomson Stem to compare.

actual weight of KCNC Fly Ride 90mm oversize stem with normal bolt. Imagine the amount of weight reduce after replacing with Ti bolt. RM60 for this KCNC stem.

or you can buy a superlite stem from FSA OS99 90mm oversize with 6 Ti bolt for RM280.

6th October - Anyway already placed an order for KCNC 25.4 80mm. Let's see whats the weight for it! Been looking for this stem too but available here.

11th October my regular bike shop told me the supplier do not bring in standard size so I have no choice (to reduce further weight) but to replaced my current Thomson bolt to Ti. Total 6 pcs.

the standard size 25.4mm is not standard anymore.

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