Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CD, VCD and DVD... .WMV

Real life experience!

Client – yes i need you to edit out the unwanted scene and commercial from few videos that I have and im going to play this video on my outlet. Its a 30 min thing.

Videoman – can do it and what is the format you want?

Client – format?!?! I got some cds with me?

Videoman – what I mean is after I edited the video do you want it in VCD or DVD?

Client – just give me the cd

Videoman – er.. let me explain again. Where are you going to view the movie after I edited it?

Client – on computer

Videoman – im sure that your outlet computers can read VCD or DVD but do your outlet have a DVD-ROM?

Client – my outlet computer’s comes with cd-player!

Videoman - !?!?! have you try to play any VCD or DVD video on your outlet before?

Client – yes both VCD and DVD also can view.

Videoman – ok good. So do you prefer VCD or DVD?

Client – which one better?

Videoman – depend on your source that you are going to give me. So the source is VCD or DVD?

Client – its s CD!!!

Videoman – ?!!??! have you view those cd’s that you have before on a player before? Is it VCD or DVD?

Client – yes i did and they are my promo videos!

Videoman – ok! So after I edited it you want me to burn as VCD or DVD?

Client – which one better?

Videoman – depend on your original source and which player or can your computer can read dvd? If your computer can read DVD it should be able to play VCD and DVD quality is much better!

Client- ok I want DVD! I prefer WMV file so that my other outlet with slower computer can read!

Videoman - ?!?! oh you want DVD-DATA lah?

Client – no WMV !

Videoman – I can convert and burn into DVD-VIDEO or DVD-DATA file so which one you prefer? (I said about DVD-VIDEO since he said his outlet can play DVD-VIDEO)

Client – which one clearer?

Videoman – if you want WMV file mean I give you a DVD-DATA disc. (don't border to explain about CD-R since the client video is only 30mins that can fit into a CD-R with WMV file format)

Client – ok. When can you come over and collect the CD?

after collecting the CD realize its a CD-R/ CD-DATA and the source inside is WMV.

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