Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trip to KLCC by public bus!

Last Saturday instead of driving down to KL I took a public bus down to KLCC to buy a shoe.

I have not been taking public transport, bus since I was primary, about 25 years ago and back in those days I only paid about 80 cent. Well cant compare nowlah. Air-cond bus with tv screen. Not much of place to sit but very roomy now. Oh its a rapidKL bus. Immediately get into the bus we have to pay for the ride to the driver. I brought along my touch n go card assuming can use but cannot. The ride cost RM2.50 and I only have RM5 (smallest note) that I have. Ok next time I have to make sure I will have the exact change. The bus driver only move after he issue the ticket to everyone. We are suppost to come in from the front door and get out from the middle door.

Really enjoy my trip down to KL till accidently bump into an old friend. We chat for a while and he asked me still driving the oldcar ("jing cha kan lei ker kao cheh") and I said yes. He asked me im I planning to change ("Kei si woon cheh") and I said no and no point. Maybe he tried to tell me he bought a new but I don't border to ask him back. The point is whats wrong with my current car? only 4 years old and thats nothing wrong with it at all. What is his point?

Ok lets come back to the whole objective of this trip. I finally bought the shoe that I been eyeing for few years and 40% off.

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